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Homeowner groups can have impact

The 3Mayday² letter (Nov. 16) regarding the danger inherent in crossing Brunswick Road at Idaho Maryland Road took me back 20-plus years. I was the secretary of the Greenhorn Road Homeowners Association. We were pleading for a left-turn lane on Brunswick Road at Greenhorn Road. After 10 years of promises and no action from the road department, I gathered up my correspondence and laid it before the Board of Supervisors. That move quite soon resulted in the four-way stop at the aforesaid intersection.

I am wondering if the letter-writer is a member of the Banner Mountain Homeowners Association, and if he has tried working through that organization to address the problem he describes.

I have heard a rumor to the effect that a roundabout is planned for that intersection. Perhaps that will alleviate the need for further action, although it would do nothing for foot traffic.

At any rate, be assured that the influence of an established homeowners1 group far outweighs a single voice crying in the wilderness.

Marian Jobe

Grass Valley

Thanks for piece by Georgie Anne Geyer

Thank you for printing Georgie Anne Geyer1s column on Nov. 14. It was refreshing to read a voice of reason after all the war-mongering. I hope she becomes a regular.

Betty Brennan

Lake Wildwood

Environmentalists: Time to stand up

We can only hope the L.A. Times is correct in that President Bush will have a difficult time pushing his extreme anti-environmental agenda (“Environmental issues no pushover for Bush,” Nov. 9).

A cocky White House, along with its gloating allies in Congress, will undoubtedly use its inflated political muscle to assault the environment. It is critical Democrats and environmentally friendly Republicans join forces to defeat the administration’s attacks on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, national forests, and endangered species protections.

California is fortunate to have Sen. Barbara Boxer, who has served as one of the Senate’s most ardent defenders of forests, fish and wildlife. Sadly, other California lawmakers, such as Democrats Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the usually green Rep. George Miller, now seem more interested in negotiating with the radical fringe of the GOP then conserving public lands. Both have been working behind the scenes to strike a deal that would roll back important safeguards for national forests.

Now is not the time for environmental champions in Congress to capitulate to White House demands. Democrats should stop acting like endangered invertebrates, follow Sen. Boxer’s lead, and develop a spine.

Brian Vincent

Nevada City

Why abstain in vote about Mardi Gras?

Why is it that three of Nevada City’s chamber members abstained from Nov. 14’s topic of the Mardi Gras parade. (The mayor actually left the room!)

They all have stated “why” they had a conflict of interest to The Union. That night Steve Cottrell gave his explanation for abstaining, yet David McKay and Conley Weaver refused to elaborate.

Perhaps they did not have the guts to voice an opinion or vote on the topic, because the issue has become too controversial due to indecision on whether or not to ban alcohol. But at the beginning of the year when the Chamber of Commerce submitted it’s “blanket” street closure application, it included the “Joe Cain Day” event.

There is also a Nevada City ordinance that states that open containers are permissible on a number of special events, specifically naming 3Joe Cain Day.² So why is it that when this blanket street closure was presented to the Nevada City City Council (street closure and open containers permitted) it was passed 5-0?

Amazingly enough, none of the council members had a conflict of interest at that time, but they do now? Whose interest do our City Council members really have in mind?

Brian White

Grass Valley

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