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Katy Guernsey the day she picked up her swing.
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All I want for Christmas is my birthday swing

The year 2002 has been significant in our lives. My husband and I bought a home in Nevada City this spring. This summer, I celebrated my 50th birthday. My friends and family gave me a gift that symbolizes all that is important in my life: a beautiful outdoor, free-standing bench swing.

Summer was spent with friends and family sitting next to the stream at our new home visiting, telling stories, and singing songs. This fall, as we returned to our teaching jobs, we often found ourselves daydreaming about our wonderful summer memories.

In early October, we became the victims of a theft. The thieves stole my birthday swing, our new propane barbecue, and a lovely wind chime. We appreciated the comfort extended to us by our neighbors, but were disappointed that the thefts were not mentioned in The Union’s Police Blotter.

Consequently, I am offering this letter as an invitation to our community: if you have any information that can help us recover our stolen items, please call the sheriff’s office at 530-265-1471, and refer to case No. N2002-3809.

The swing has a brown metal frame, a green awning, and a wicker seat. The barbecue is a “CharmGlow.”

Please help restore the peace that should belong to all of us. I’m hoping that the items will be found and returned before Christmas. Thank you!

Katy Guernsey

Nevada City

‘We the People’ need a tax break

Interesting diatribe against the Republicans by Shane Valdez (Other Voices, Nov. 18). He insinuates that Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time and that our actions against the Taliban were simply a guise to get an oil pipeline over there.

He falls all over himself about how great public employee unions are and how the dirty Republicans just might not cave into them. He is outraged that the 2000 union longshoremen making $150,000 per year with benefits have been foiled in their attempt to shut down the U.S. economy. He is appalled that HMOs and drug companies are standing in the way of fully socialized medicine.

Frankly, I think “We the People” need a tax break and small government. Mr. Valdez has had his paycheck signed for too long by the taxpayers to have any understanding of how the economy works. Essentially, Mr. Valdez is calling for socialism so we can all live in a “worker’s paradise” – perhaps like Cuba.

What I would like teacher Valdez to address is why the California school system has gone from first in the nation to dead last in just 30 years while spending more per student than most states.

Michael Schwalm

Penn Valley

Opinion OK, but not innuendos, lies

This has reference to the Other Voices column in the Nov. 18 paper, written by a teacher at Silver Springs High School, titled “We the People: Open Your Eyes.”

This column is full of innuendos, half-truths, and outright lies.

I have no objection to this individual having his own opinions, but what is really bothersome to me is that, as a teacher, it is very likely that this drivel is being spilled out on students in the classroom. Being impressionable, students are very likely to take this stuff as “truth,” and we are all the worse off for it.

Open your eyes, indeed!

Rod Wiseman


Memorial Day

photo disappointing

I was very disappointed in the coverage The Union gave to the Memorial Day services at the park. The second wall was unveiled, and it was a beautiful ceremony. The picture on the front page showing General Steele decorating a Korean veteran didn’t even mention General Steele, and he was even unrecognizable in the picture. . . . Whoever took the picture did a lousy job. After all, the general is a local in Grass Valley, raised here and went to school here. At least it could have been a good picture.

Joyce Rowe

Grass Valley

Agrees playhouse will be missed

In regards to the Other Voices piece on the City Center Playhouse of Nov. 16, I could not agree more. How many motel/hotels does Nevada County have? At last count, at least a dozen in Nevada City and Grass Valley alone. Do we really need another one? On the flip side, how many playhouses do we have? Just one, now. Let’s hope that the NU Drama Department can pull off a miracle and supplement what is left of our dramatic arts community.

Chad Silverstein


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