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Readers write

Resents abuse of anthem by ‘artists’

More and more, I thank my lucky stars for the ability to quickly mute my TV while watching the start of public events. In this case, I refer to the NFL playoff games and the presentation of our National Anthem.

By definition, an anthem is a song of praise (a.k.a. hymn) and should be preformed with respect and reverence. There is no place for artistic license when performing our anthem in public. I resent being subjected to so called “artists” and their personal renditions, in various styles, that show total disregard for all that the anthem stands for.

Some might call this entertainment, but I call it gross disrespect for the anthem and that for which it stands. I would rather the anthem not be preformed than be subjected to such treatment.

Dale Boyd

Grass Valley

Youth of America unaware of rights

As the youth of America are deprived of the basics of American history, they aren’t aware of why their forefathers fought valiantly to create a land of freedom and inalienable rights.

Today rights are dictated by liberal isms in control of politics, judicial and the electronic control of news. Imagine the patriots who enjoyed tobacco being denied their right to use it. Imagine their reaction to making God an offensive word.

It’s impossible to list the rights Americans are deprived of today. Even our most basic right to representation through the vote of the people can and is overturned by liberal judges and courts. This smacks of King George. America was built on hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice but is now relegated to racial preference and hypothetical danger threatening humanity.

Citizens are denied their right merely by unsubstantiated claims embraced by the liberal agenda. Threatening truisms are ignored, which brings to question why? Is there an eventual takeover planned, or have we become so blase that we’re unaware of the possible loss of America’s original intent?

Frank Haggerty

Penn Valley

Sidewalk cafes at fests are trouble

Why, oh why do we need “sidewalk” cafes at our wonderful special events? These events are attended by families with children of all ages. If some people want a beer, there are places in town to get a “cool one.”

Even the places who are hoping to get permission to have a sidewalk cafe serve. What is wrong with going into the place of business? Surely, they’d still make a buck.

When are we going to learn our lessons? Surely what’s available at the street fair or our holiday celebrations is enough. Our fair gets great super attendance. And what is available has always been sufficient, and the public behaves. Our special events are well attended as is, so why change?

The sidewalk cafe will cause trouble. Learn from other towns or cities. We as a community need to stop pulling from both ends. This needs to be addressed. Surely for a couple of hours, summer, winter or whatever, a cup of coffee, glass of ice tea or a soft drink should be enough.

And think of our young people. Shouldn’t we consider them? We should. It’s a tough world out there, and you can have a beer at home, right? Besides, you know, don’t drink and drive. Please, everyone, think about this one. Our special events are super and run very well. Let’s keep it that way.

Claire L. Harris

Rough and Ready

Disgusted by Lee birthday letter

I have read some pretty stupid things in The Union’s “Readers Write” section before, but I was absolutely appalled and disgusted to read “Happy birthday – to Confederate general” on Tuesday.

Is the letter writer just a completely ignorant fool, or is he a proud and blatant bigot? To call Lee a “symbol of integrity” who “struggled and sacrificed for the freedom of his people” is beyond absurd.

I have news for the writer, because you obviously missed this one in history class: “His people” weren’t the ones who needed to be set free. I could possibly understand if you chose to call him a great general, meaning that he was good at organizing groups of people to kill other people. To say that Lee was a “great man,” however, when he was fighting for a cause that enslaved, beat, raped, and murdered countless innocent human beings is disgusting.

I also have to add that I think it was insensitive for The Union to print such a letter the day after the nativity of a truly great man. Why not use that space to salute Dr. Martin Luther King, rather than to insult his memory?

Garrett Howard

Grass Valley

Haven’t we learned no one wins in war?

Have we not learned that no one wins in war and that our present smug cockiness can lead to our own downfall?

Superimpose the sound bites and faces of the young troops interviewed on TV today with those of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War; they could be the same person. Young, uneducated, brainwashed, with no sense of history. They will be bombing the very country that was the cradle of our own civilization. We have billions to bomb, but none to retrieve art, culture and to educate?

Our plan is to “change this regime” by bombing the Iraqi people into submission and to spread democracy in this manner? Where is our sense of decency, morality, courage, justice, duty to negotiate and to lead, simply because we are able and qualified?

Someone has been quoted about war, that it is instituted by rich men, fought by young men and boys, to the terror and death of women and children. Are we the same barbarians we have watched, horrified, and in the not-so-distant past?

We must not, we cannot see this horrible nightmare through.

Phyllis Ryan

Grass Valley

Time for Bush’s ‘show and tell’

It’s time for the Bush administration to show and tell the rest of the world what they know about Saddam Hussein. President George W. Bush has been calling Saddam Hussein bad names while carrying a “chip” on his shoulder. This verbal “mud-slinging” isn’t convincing the rest of the world that a war with Iraq is justified. If we, the United States, have the hard evidence that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, then “our” government needs to pass it on to our fellow nations. Let’s get the facts out before W’s “chip” gets knocked off.

Bill Combs

Grass Valley

Did peace marchers

drive to protest?

While reading the reports of the peace marches last weekend, I was struck by the reports of violence, at least at one location. I am thankful that we live in a country, unlike many in the Mideast, where those who disagree are encouraged and protected, while dissenting with the actions of their government.

Found it curious, though, that while the signs said, in part, “No war for oil,” the activists were bused in or drove in. I hope these weren’t diesel buses, nasty fumes and all. As I recall, the price of oil fell after the first Gulf War, it went up for awhile and then fell strongly. I guess Bush “41” let his buddies down on that one.

One last thought comes to mind. Hussein has said that when he gets nuclear weapons, not if, the first two go into Israel. I anticipate the responses from Israel would be glowing soil all over many Middle Eastern states. That would give local environmental lawyers fodder for lawsuits about illegal irradiating over vast acreages, without suitable permits.

I hope those banners were made out of hemp or recycled paper. Wouldn’t want to be hypocritical, all those trees being slaughtered in the cause of peace.

Alan Newcomb



War has polarized two groups



Being neutral is the same as supporting war.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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