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Will we have courage of our ancestors?

Be grateful to those courageous ancestors who in 1773 took action against the multinational corporation, the East India Company. The civil disobedience that was the Boston Tea Party stands as a fitting model for what faces us today. In just two years the current administration’s corporate lackeys have declared war on everything standing in their path toward a world “corporate dictatorship.”

We the People are sovereign in this nation: you, me, not Exxon, Pepsico, or Haliburton. We forget the importance of a vigilant watch on our freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights. We forget the original intent of government (and of corporations): to serve the people, not rule over them.

Never before have We the People, or Nature, experienced such great setbacks in so little time. The hysteria of perpetual, undeclared “war” fuels a smokescreen while corporations go about their Enron-like shenanigans, collecting tax “rebates” while not paying taxes at all! (Neat trick, huh Mr. Middleamerica? You try it!)

The bombs fall, literally and figuratively, without your consent. Your duty, your heritage, IS civil disobedience; bold, active, fiercely dedicated to human dignity and community. Will you have in you the courage of your ancestors? Yes, you!

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

Happy birthday – to

Confederate general

It rolls around every January – the birthday of a great man who struggled and sacrificed for the freedom of his people. Undeterred by great odds, he put his life on the line again and again for his cause.

Some still refuse to acknowledge his courage and the nobility he showed during his years of struggle, but for millions he remains a shining symbol of integrity, steadfastness, and sacrifice – a hero for our time or for any other. It is right and just that we honor him on the day of his nativity.

Happy birthday, General Robert E. Lee, born Jan. 19, 1807.

Steve McNallen

Nevada City

Prophetic words on date of Roe v. Wade

“Man is called to a fullness of life which far exceeds the dimensions of his earthly existence, because it consists in sharing the very life of God. The loftiness of this supernatural vocation reveals the greatness and the inestimable value of human life even in its temporal phase. Life is a process which, unexpectedly and undeservedly, is enlightened by the promise and renewed by the gift of divine life, which will reach its full realization in eternity.” Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae.

These are the prophetic words of a very wise man; in our time, the true greatness and the inestimable value of human life and the dignity of all human persons has significantly diminished. On this 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision which enabled pre-born children to be killed at any stage of their development, we need only look at the faith and truth that Norma McCorvey (the Roe of Roe v. Wade) has found in God to give us solace. Let us hope and pray with all our hearts that others can see the truth as Norma has, that abortion kills the most innocent of all human persons.

William Harris

Grass Valley

Bush war tactics called reprehensible

The Bush administration has finally given U.N. inspectors intelligence information to aid their search for Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction.” The result so far? Eleven empty chemical artillery shells, sealed in their boxes since 1988. An accounting oversight, and certainly not evidence of an ongoing weapons program. Yet Bush calls this “troubling and serious,” which shows just how desperately he is fishing for a justification to wage his war.

Let’s see. Iraq: eleven empty shells without chemical agents or firing system vs. the U.S.: the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction ever assembled. What is Bush so troubled about? And if the U.N. inspectors should find more weapons components, or even entire weapons systems, all that is required to disarm Saddam Hussein is confiscate these weapons and keep looking. No lives need to be lost. And having a detailed accounting of everything found makes the search for whatever might remain that much easier.

Instead, Bush wants to invade Iraq and bomb suspected sites, which will kill thousands of soldiers and civilians and conveniently destroy the evidence if there actually weren’t any weapons. I find these tactics of the Bush administration reprehensible. This immoral and ultimately bloody deception must stop.

Ken Schumacher

Grass Valley

CATS comes of age with ‘Love Suicides’

I attended the preview performance of the Community Asian Theatre of the Sierras’ production of “The Love Suicides at Sonezaki” at the Nevada Theater and was delighted to find that with this production, CATS has arguably come of age.

Although this production featured the wonderful sets and gorgeous costumes one has come to expect from CATS, as well as some strong individual performances, it is the masterful artistry and creative daring of director Amber Jo Manuel that transforms this 300-year-old Japanese classic from what in the hands of a lesser talent might have become a dusty museum piece into a vibrant, intriguing and almost magical example of total theater.

Combining elements of kabuki and other forms of Japanese theater with live musicians, ritualized dance and delightfully broad comedy, Manuel deftly steers the audience along a journey from pathos to comedy and back again.

Although the highly unnatural manner in which the dialogue is delivered and the actor’s ritualized movements may be, at first, a bit jarring at first to western audiences, one quickly comes to accept these conventions and enjoy this tantalizing glimpse into a form of theater which most of us might never otherwise encounter.

Mark Lyon

Nevada City

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