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Let’s get together, vote the rascals out

There’s no question our election processes are subverted at all levels of government by special interest powers. To debate the degree of debasement at our local level is irrelevant. PACs and other “legal” methods of funneling money to the candidates are attempts to legitimize this indefensible system.

Thinking that our true interests are shared by those in power is ignoring the big picture. As we divide and conquer ourselves, the concentration of power, wealth, and media control threatens the stability of the nation and the world. This is a threat to the freedoms we are ostensibly fighting to protect.

“We the people” need to begin to see the big picture and join forces to drive out the short-sighted, self-serving hypocrites infesting all levels our government today. I implore all to search out alternate sources to supplement the one-sided mainstream media, or risk sounding jingoistic and ignorant.

While social programs are cut, the cost of health care and other services climb out of reach, even for the disappearing middle class. Yet the plutocracy plans an aggressive imperialistic war.

Let’s get together, vote the rascals out, and reclaim our nation’s place as a beacon of freedom and equality.

Jim Sontag

North San Juan

Turn down the heat

on spelling errors

I offer the following in defense of the folks, our neighbors, at The Union:

I have a spelling checker,

It came with my PC;

It plainly marks four my revue

Mistakes I cannot sea.

I’ve run this poem threw it,

I’m sure your please too no,

Its letter perfect in it’s weigh,

My checker tolled me sew.

Give ’em a break !

Doug Young

Nevada City

Repeat of gun letter: error, or support?

Re: “Gun owners: wake up, etc.” (Jan. 10 and Jan. 13)

I’m curious why you would print twice one of the harshest and unreasoned gun laissez-faire letters I’ve read. I’d like to think it is an oversight, but perhaps it’s an endorsement of the letter. I hope it’s the former.

Patrick D. Tobin

Nevada City

Editor’s note: It is.

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