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readers write

Dishonesty shameful

Regarding the statement in Jeff Ackerman’s column, “Supervisors’ hands full with survival” (Jan. 7)] that “those who continue to define this new, so-called ‘conservative’ board as the beginning of the end for Nevada County seem to forget that this fairly liberal governor and liberal-controlled state Legislature is (sic) largely responsible for this state deficit,” the intellectual dishonesty is shameful.

From what we have seen and heard, even in The Union, the previous so-called “liberal supervisors” in Nevada County were responsible for the exact opposite of the spending behavior that you accurately attribute to the state-level politicos.

As I recall, that board, which included Elizabeth Martin and Bruce Conklin, was responsible for greatly improving the Nevada County fiscal status such that the bond ratings improved and an estimated $20 million will be saved as a result of the board’s efforts. That previous board also did much to streamline county processes and reduce bureaucracy.

In your Jan. 7 column you go on to say, “But now is the time for unity.” Yet your use of inaccurate and misleading stereotyping only serves to further ignorance and division in our community.

Curtis Bok

Nevada City

How to pass state budget

A few weeks ago I e-mailed the governor regarding the state budget (or lack thereof) and suggested that all elected officials in the government take a 10 percent pay cut until the budget is balanced. I was told the suggestion would go to a committee, but in listening to the reports today, that is not an option. Why not?

The working person should not bear the brunt of the deficit.

Dorothy G. Leighton

Nevada City

Gov. Davis’ budget

proposals indefensible

Governor Davis proposes cutting $100 million from services to the disabled, $302 million from Medi-Cal and cutting Medi-Cal provider rates by 15 percent. At the same time he wants to build a “state-of-the-art” death row for $220 million. This is not acceptable.

How is building a new death row supposed to keep us safer from criminals? I clearly see how the approximately $3 million donated to Governor Davis’ reelection campaign by the prison union guards is affecting where our precious and scarce state budget money is being spent. I also clearly see how cutting funds to the disabled as well as Medi-Cal benefits is a risk to the health, safety and welfare of millions of people.

There are people who will die if their services are cut. Since no one has died from an escaped death row inmate since I have been alive, obviously the $220 million facility isn’t going to protect anyone’s health, safety or welfare, except maybe the union representatives who will monetarily benefit from the deal. Please contact your legislator and Governor Davis to express your outrage at this flagrant misuse of state budget funds.



Grass Valley

A little civility, please

Nearly every day since Supervisors Bedwell and Sutherland took office, there has been [a letter] in The Union about the horrible things that the “Gang of Three,” “Terrible Troika,” etc. hasn’t done or will do.

Supervisor Van Zant and the RQC [Rural Quality Coalition] anticipate sufficient momentum in six months to cause a “recall Izzy” type campaign. Why? They lost power, and just because the new Board of Supervisors majority had nothing to do with the earlier recall effort, retribution fits the RQC’s mindset.

As I write, there is a room in the hills behind the Rood Center, perhaps in the Cement Hill area, where eyes scan the walls for the selected diatribe. Following the objective – negative, slanderous, or smear campaign – are terms to refer to Supervisors Horne, Bedwell, and Sutherland. We’ve seen other reference names: “Three Thieves, Three Nose Thumbers, Peter’s 3 Problems, Trashing Trio, and Troika People-Bashing Team.” They’ll focus on one, and away they go with the trashing and spin.

It’s a shame that at this time in our county’s history, when we should be pulling together, that it will be RQC politics as usual! Grow up, RQCers, and help the community for a change.

Jim Ingraham

Grass Valley

Feds’ spending foolish

The Bush administration and Congress have increased again the offense budget to $355.4 billion for 2003. This reckless, unneeded military spending along with the tax cut will drive the U.S. into bankruptcy.

The armed forces are the most wasteful federal agencies. It is absurd that Congress will put $11 billion into the Crusader but won’t spend $2 billion to fund Head Start for every child. It is absurd that they will sink $9.3 billion in Star Wars but don’t invest $1 billion a year for the next 10 years in the renovation of crumbling schools. It is criminal that they keep giving billions in insider deals to weapons contractors who lost $13 billion of the previous funds they got, but Washington won’t allocate $6 billion to provide health coverage for 11 million uninsured children.

It is not OK for the Pentagon inspector general to concede that the Defense Department cannot account for 25 percent of the funds it spends. It is not OK to spend $2 billion-plus for the V.22 Osprey that already killed 23 Marines in test flights and $3.5 billion for Lockheed’s F-35 fighter that can’t fly long distances.

We are governed by ignorant, reckless fools.

Jean Jacques Legras

Cedar Ridge

Celebration of death

Forty-five million babies murdered and counting!

We as a nation need to recognize the absurdity of legally allowing one class of citizens the “right to choose” to kill another class. The obscene “logic” that this right is specified in our Constitution as part of our right to privacy must be challenged by every free-thinking citizen.

Our apathy and lack of courage in defending the defenseless in the sanctity of the womb has cost this nation a whole generation of valuable individuals.

Inform yourself about the biological facts of human development that begins at conception. With the images today’s technology provides, one needn’t be a doctor or scientist to visually recognize the growing baby in the womb.

Please join me in celebrating the changing attitudes toward abortion evidenced by a declining rate each year.

Pray that those facing an unexpected pregnancy will choose to protect the child intentionally gifted to them by their creator. Pray also for all those blinded by their humanistic self-centeredness that perform, participate in, or advocate murdering our children.

Ken Simon

Grass Valley

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