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Readers Write

Polls about Iraq war puzzling

It puzzles me, even as a registered Republican, that “the polls” claim President Bush is riding an all-time high in popularity and Americans are rip-roaring ready for war with Iraq. The majority of people I talk to (in our admittedly conservative community) are at least skeptical of the war effort and express only middling enthusiasm for the Bush administration.

“Better than that damned Clinton!” is the most enthusiasm I’ve heard.

Except the other day in the waiting room of the local Ford dealer, where a young man (who didn’t know the results of the election the day before, and almost certainly hadn’t voted) explained blithely how to get the war over quickly: “We’ll just use a neutron bomb, taking out the people and leaving the infrastructure.”

If there IS something like a neutron bomb, do you suppose it would differentiate between the nasty persons in Hussein’s regime and the innocent women and children who live in places like Baghdad?

If George Bush and friends think Americans want a war in the Mideast, let them suggest we reinstitute the military draft. Then we’ll see how popular the idea is.

Richard L. Tracy

Grass Valley

County not one political party

On the two days following last week’s election, The Union ran large photos of Drew Bedwell, above the fold, looking quite satisfied, and below the fold, small, uncomplimentary photos of Supervisor Bruce Conklin, looking dejected. The election outcome of the District 3 has still not been determined, but The Union has apparently already decided who the winner will be.

The citizens of Nevada County are not of one political persuasion, as is shown by the close District 3 race. We deserve a newspaper which is capable of unbiased reporting. We obviously do not have such a newspaper. The Union should be ashamed.

Avila Lowrance

Grass Valley

Dear Trathens: Write me!

I typed my surname into a search engine and it came up with your article of Dec. 29, 2000, entitled “An original Cousin Jack’s descendants remain here.”

It focused on the Trathens of Allison Ranch Road just south of Grass Valley.

My name is Andy Trathen and I live in Redruth, Cornwall, from where the whole Trathen diaspora started. The name Trathen is from the Cornish language word “trethen,” which means a small beach, sand spitEor a causeway allowing people to walk at low tide. We are also referred to as “the sand people.”

I would hope that any of the “clan” who may read this will contact me with details of where in Kernow (Cornwall) their ancestors came from. I would very much like to explore our relationship and hope you will be kind enough to print my letter with this in mind.

I can be contacted at

Meurasta why ha dew genes. Kernow bys vykken!E

Andy Trathen

Redruth, Cornwall

Use air power to get Saddam

If we and our allies have to go in to Baghdad to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his sons, who are as mean as their dad , (read the report, the sons of Saddam in the Oct. 21 Newsweek), rather than kill a lot of people and have our boys killed on the streets of Baghdad, I think we should use our air power and bomb all of Saddam’s palaces off the map. We may catch a bunch of (nice guys) asleep or having a party.

Ron Brown

Grass Valley

No eggs “laid” under tree

Re your comments below the picture on page A2 of Monday’s paper (Nov. 11). I checked under the oak tree “laying” on the cables and found no eggs.

Bill Beckner

Nevada City

“The Tempest” at NU is a treat

I would like to commend the wonderful actors, dancers, and singers in the Nevada Union Shakespearean play, “The Tempest”. You performed with such energy and professionalism that it was thoroughly entertaining. The set and the lighting was beautifully done. This play is being performed for two more nights, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and I encourage all who can to attend. We need to encourage our talented young people.

Linda Culbertson

Nevada City

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