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Readers write

Global warming issues clarified

Re: “It’s hard for liberals to laugh about truth,” Jan. 11:

[The letter] suggests that conservatives cite nonspecific, incredible corporate research to show that global warming has nothing to do with humans. I can’t see that it matters what kind of evidence is cited by global-warming skeptics. “Warmies” dismiss information that doesn’t support their contentions or describe it as “corporate propaganda.”

Another deficiency [the letter writer] notes is the failure of conservatives to argue for measures to mitigate global warming regardless of what causes it. Well, try sunspot cycles as a probable cause – hard to think how those could be “mitigated”!

Then if we worry about a couple of billion tons of carbon dioxide annually being “spewed” into the atmosphere by human activities, there is this: A quote from “A Sourcebook for the Biological Sciences,” published by the California State Department of Education in 1967: “It is estimated that 90 percent of all photosynthesis is carried on by marine and fresh-water algae, and the remaining 10 percent by cultivated and wild land plants. Put another way, some 200 billion tons of carbon are fixed annually by photosynthesizing plants of the oceans and fresh waters and by land plants.” Do the math.

Kim Moore

Chicago Park

Opinions on abortions changing

Dr. Bernard Nathanson recalls laughing when they were making up emotionally compelling slogans like “the right of all women to have access to all forms of reproductive health care” used in the NCCC ad (Jan. 10, 2003) “celebrating 30 years of Roe v. Wade.” Nathanson is the co-founder of the pro-abortion group NARAL. He performed 5,000 abortions with his own hands.

But something profound happened to him in following years. He realized, as did countless other abortionists and their assistants, that abortion is the unjust killing of a human baby. To the same conclusion came Norma McCorvey (plaintiff in Roe v. Wade) after she uncovered the deception and false claims of the abortion industry. In an effort to stop exploitation of women through abortion, McCorvey and thousands of “the friends of the court,” represented by attorneys of the Texas Justice Foundation, are seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade. And for good reason:

Studies by Dr. Joel Brind and Dr. Janet Daling discovered that “the risk of breast cancer is 50 percent higher in women who’ve had abortions. Other data showed that young women who abort are at high risk of dying before age 45.”

Despite “pro-choice” propaganda by the establishment media, the public opinion is shifting from approval of legal abortions to support for “the culture of life,” which appreciates the dignity of every human person from the moment of conception to natural death.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

We have a right to know

Re: “Secrecy in government? Who Cares?” (Jan. 11) I’m letting you know: Damn right I care!

The media keep us free. The media (we) have the right “to know.” Often we need to know. In any case, other than national safety, “they” do not have the right to cover it up. I especially care about some things; you care about others. Each of us has the right to know what happened or is going to happen.

For instance, in your column you cared about a stabbing. I could not care less about such blood and guts, but I care very much about the Bedwell/Sutherland funding mystery. I eagerly await the report in The Union where your investigative reporter exposes where all their campaign money came from.

In fact, I won’t take any more of your time. Please get back to encouraging that investigative reporter to do a very thorough job on this very important story. Actually, what story could be more important for keeping our democracy functioning fairly?

D. B. Cameron, DVM

Nevada City

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