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By Bob Crabb/Nevada City
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If bears are not hunted, they will die

I am still confused on what we have here. I thought we had it all. Now when I read the paper I see doom and gloom again.

Please don’t shoot the bears (they’re my pets). No doe hunts in Nevada County. Why? There are way more doe to bucks than any other state. Other states have better systems than us. (The hunt does to make a better population.)

It is amazing. You move up here not knowing what’s going on and try to throat-shove your opinion. The lifestyle of the people that spent their life here still should be first off.

If bears are not hunted, they will die. If deer are not hunted, they will die. The only problem is, I won’t be able to eat the product, which is very good if cooked properly.

By the way, I am not a veggie.

Adam Fitting

Grass Valley

Teens should be at home by 2 a.m.

I am writing this to try and reach parents who don’t know where their children are at 2 a.m. in the morning.

I myself am a parent of two teenagers. One is 16, and the other, 19. I am referring to the terrible accident with five teens involved that happened in Nevada City on Jan. 8. Even though they are driving age, I still keep tabs on them, and they have a curfew if they are out with their friends.

I am a very “nosy” mom, and I know they don’t appreciate our rules now, but they certainly will when they have children of their own. I think parents should be involved in their children’s lives and know where they are at all times. It’s really not so hard to do. There is a not-so-new invention called the telephone.

Julie Jasper


‘Terrible Troika’

hijacks fair system

The Board of Supervisors Web site states: “The selection of Chair and Vice Chair will be by rotation of districts. The current Vice Chair will move to Chair. The new Vice Chair will be selected from the next district in the rotation. Districts will rotate sequentially by number. The Chair will not serve consecutive terms unless all other Supervisors decline to serve as Chair.”

How much fairer can you get, right? Under this system, Sue Horne, Drew Bedwell, and Robin Sutherland all would have received a shot at Chair (2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively) before any faced re-election. But no sooner does the new BOS meet than the Terrible Troika hijacks this fair round-robin system, which this year had the Chair going from District 5 Supervisor Barbara Green to District 1 Supervisor Peter Van Zant, and hands it a la coup to District 2 Supervisor Sue Horne.

So nice power grab, Gang of Three, my hat’s off to ya. At least you didn’t waste time shedding your bipartisan facade and got right to the business of showing your true colors. You want to know why fewer Americans vote with each passing election? It’s political [expletive] like this!

Rick Gulart

Grass Valley

It’s hard for liberals to laugh about truth

Cal Thomas argues (Jan. 8) that conservatives dominate radio talk shows because “conservatism is optimistic and fun. Liberalism is pessimistic and dour.”

Acutely aware that I live in an area where radio is “all Rush, all the time” except when all the other conservative talk show hosts are on, I’ve given a lot of thought about the appalling lack of choices we face and how harmful it is to making informed decisions.

Conservatives can’t use facts and figures to make their arguments, so they have to rely on colorful rhetoric (partial truths, misrepresentation, oversimplification) instead. Conservatives are very good at criticizing but very bad at offering real specific alternatives.

For instance, have you ever seen a conservative cite specific, credible (noncorporate) research that global warming has nothing to do with humans? Or make the argument that, regardless of what causes global warming, we should be attempting to mitigate it instead of deny it?

Liberalism may be pessimistic because it is hard to tell the truth and laugh about it. Meanwhile, we get the best propaganda money can buy. Conservatives seem hell-bent on making America ideologically driven by money, not by what’s right. Their moral compass aims at the nearest bank.

Terry Lamphier

Grass Valley

Bridge tolls can save the state’s economy

It’s so obvious. The answer is to liberalize toll charges. All the state has to do is base bridge tolls on year and retail value of each car and truck.

Here’s how it works: a 1962 Volvo crossing the Bay Bridge would be free; a 1985 Geo Metro would be 50 cents; a 1990 Ford Taurus would pay a buck.

To keep the system fair, we then would stick it to the 2003 Mercedes with a toll of $385, round trip, of course. He can easily afford it, since he obviously has lots of money and belongs to one of those rich dudes. He probably gets premium gas, as well.

So that’s it. Stick it to the expensive, late-model cars and soon the big bucks will be flowing into the government coffers. You don’t think those rich guys will drive all the way around or buy a cheap old car to avoid the tolls, do you? That wouldn’t be cricket. I mean, they have to pay their fair share. We can’t have everyone driving across the bridge contributing to its up keep. That would be grossly UN-fair and probably UN-American.

Dick Panzica

Penn Valley

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