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Readers Write

‘Is this the vote that $28,000 bought?’

Cheers to Bob Crabb for his editorial cartoon, published Dec. 28, concerning the anonymous and controversial $28,000 contribution to the campaigns of Supervisors Drew Bedwell and Robin Sutherland. The Union should reprint Mr. Crabb’s cartoon every week until these shadowy special interests identify themselves.

Cartoonist Crabb asks the obvious questions: Who gave the $28,000? Why are they concealing their identity? What special favors will their $28,000 buy? For now, no one knows. Despite repeated demands and an official inquiry by state investigators, these deep-pocket donors remain anonymous. Bedwell and Sutherland aren’t talking, either.

This is an insult to the people of Nevada County and a flagrant violation of the law, which requires full public disclosure of campaign contributions. Residents of all political stripes fear the influence of special interest money on local politics. We have an absolute right to know the source of Bedwell and Sutherland’s campaign money.

Here’s an idea: until the public knows the source of the $28,000 contribution, Supervisors Bedwell and Sutherland should abstain from all board votes. Otherwise, speculation and suspicion will haunt every decision they make as supervisors, and the public will ask, again and again, “Is this the vote that $28,000 bought?”

John Regan

Nevada City

Gun owners must stand up for rights

Recent letters to The Union have expressed the liberal’s new-found outrage at the apparent degradation of our constitutional liberties required to root out domestic Islamic terrorists. Where were these champions of freedom when the Clinton administration attempted to gut the Second Amendment for eight years? Where are the liberal voices of outrage at the continuing war on gun owners waged by the Democrat Socialist tyrants in Sacramento?

California gun owners must awaken to the tremendous responsibility that has been lain upon their shoulders. Fate has placed us on the knife edge of history and we must demonstrate to the world that the Bill of Rights is the sacred property of the people of the United States and cannot be “infringed” upon by any mere legislature, judge, or brainwashed citizen.

The state of California stands in flagrant violation of the federal Constitution. In the years ahead California gun owners must register nothing and surrender nothing. Flood President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft with letters pleading for federal intervention.

George Washington referred to the Second Amendment as “the cornerstone of American independence and liberty’s teeth.”

Without it, all of our other rights are no more than empty words on a piece of paper.

Randy Richey

Nevada City

You can’t please some of the people any time

I appreciated your well-written article, “News judgment is a fine line” (Dec. 21). I believe that grammatical mistakes or typos in The Union occur with approximately the same frequency as in other newspapers, such as the San Francisco Chronicle, which I read daily. My response (with apologies for adapting a well-known saying) is: You can please many of the people much of the time, but you can’t please some of the people any time at all.

I also appreciated your editorial of Dec. 21, 2002, regarding the County Executive Officer Ted Gaebler and his service to our county. It was well reasoned, well-written, and to the point. I do hope you are correct that we are not bidding goodbye to good government – we will have to wait and see. Ms. Martin and Mr. Conklin will be truly missed, as will Mr. Gaebler.

Bob Radosevic

Penn Valley

Still angry about death of husband

It’s been six months now since my husband passed away from cancer. I read some of the articles in The Union on death decisions, and I just want to express some of my feelings about what went on with our family.

His health care was with the VA in Reno. I couldn’t begin to list the errors that were made on his medication and just his health care in general. The only way I could get their attention was to get irate. We were totally dependent on them, as we had never been through any cancer illness.

I’m not trying to say anything bad about Hospice; I’ve heard so many good things about them. But it took me months to get a response from them, and it wasn’t until the last week of his life that we got some help. My husband was so bad by that time and the frustration was high.

The day before he died, he was having a severe time breathing and was in extreme pain. Again, until I got irate nothing was done as far as making him comfortable. The VA even refused to prescribe medication, because that particular doctor had not seen him.

I’m still angry about so much. I wrote to Barbara Boxer in my frustration and she wrote back telling me that I need legal assistance. Yeah, right. Nothing but frustration, anger, and no answers….

Kathy Warner

Rough and Ready

Best neighbors

you could ask for

Attending an out-of-state funeral for a loved family member is bad enough, but returning on Christmas Eve to three feet of snow, a power outage, fallen trees, and broken chimney vents can really add to the sour mood. Then, after backing the snowblower into a buried broken tree stump and rendering it useless, it felt like moving was the best option.

However, our neighbor, Chuck Kull, gave up a family party and spent hours on his tractor helping us clear the driveway for PG&E, who made two trips to our house, the last sometime early Christmas morning while we were asleep, to repair the blown transformer and give us back our Christmas. Many thanks to Chuck and PG&E, two of the best neighbors anyone could ask for.

Bob and Pamela Yazell

Nevada City

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