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Readers Write

Write congressman

about your NID bill

This letter is in regard to our NID bill on our empty lot. This lot was bought as a buffer zone behind our house to preserve our privacy. The lot has no water meter, and no access to any water whatsoever. We have been paying $72 every year for 17 years. NID calls this standby billing.

I’m sure there are many people in Nevada County who are subject to the same predicament.

We think it is time that we do something about this. This is an injustice and should be corrected.

I wrote a letter to our representative, Wally Herger, and hope the rest of you do the same. Maybe if he gets enough letters of complaint he will look into this.

Mary Kutchar Abbott

Grass Valley

[Editor’s note: Nevada County is now in Congressional District 4, represented by Republican John Doolittle of Rocklin. (Wally Herger represents District 2.) Doolittle’s address is 2410 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515. His phone is 202-225-2511, and the fax is 202-225-5444.]

Voters still have

the ‘right of recall’

Attention, voters of Nevada Country: I am really, really, really confused.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, a majority of voters did examine Proposition D, the “Property Rights Initiative,” and came to the conclusion that it would bankrupt and destroy our county government. To do this, a majority of voters had to find that the people behind Proposition D were lying to us when they said, “Don’t believe the opponent of the ‘Property Rights Initiative,’ as they are just trying to scare you.”

My confusion comes about because the two supervisors who were against Proposition D were voted out of office. And Robin Sutherland and Drew Bedwell, who did not speak out against “D” from the beginning and were given support by those who sponsored the “Property Rights Initiative,” were voted into the two Board of Supervisors positions. By forming a bloc with Supervisor Sue Horne they might now, by subterfuge, maneuvering, and deception, implement what the voters rejected. They will now have the votes to overrule any environmental report that would hamper or obstruct a builder’s plan to use his or her property for the highest value.

However, a reminder: The voters still have the “right of recall.”

Jack W. Kennedy

Grass Valley

Make your next car choice responsible

The term “SUV” is fast becoming synonymous with “gas guzzler.” But let’s not forget the gas-guzzling minivans and monster pickups that have become so popular over the last 15 years.

It used to be 15 percent of new vehicles sold were trucks, vans or SUVs – business people and contractors need them. Now it’s about 50 percent of new vehicles sold due to the current fad. It’s a “fad” because most people buy them simply because they think they’re “cool.” Do most people really need such a vehicle?

Up until the 1980s, large families found the station wagon served their needs. They’d also serve the needs of today’s smaller families (and more compact camping equipment, etc.) just fine, but they’re not considered “cool.”

Most people say “Hey, it’s America, and we can drive whatever we choose.” Exactly right! But with freedom comes responsibility, and the SUV/pickup/van fad are unsustainable and irresponsible choices for those who don’t need them. They’re spending our children’s inheritance, increasing fuel costs for everyone, putting our national security at risk, changing the climate, and putting other drivers at greater risk of injury.

Please make your next vehicle choice a responsible one!

Ray Darby

Nevada City

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