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Readers Write

Did I miss Sutherland’s

town hall meeting?

Has anyone heard of the whereabouts of our new District 4 supervisor, Robin Sutherland? In a John Dickey article in November, she indicated she was planning a town hall meeting in Penn Valley for December.

Did I miss the announcement? I would like to hear her plans for improving emergency medical care and fire protection as she promised in the campaign. Specifically, I would like to know if she has any ideas on finding money to staff the two Penn Valley fire stations that are without staffing.

Bill Neville

Penn Valley

Horrifying violation of civil rights for Iranian men

Recently, 700 mostly Iranian men were put into U.S. detention after a routine immigration request. These men, plus over 2,000 men across the country, acted in good faith. The 700 men picked up in Los Angeles were flown, without explanation, to Arizona, Colorado, Bakersfield and San Diego, all within 36 hours.

The INS blatantly violated the civil rights of these men, authorizing arbitrary detention without charges. It forced these men on and off airplanes, a terrorizing experience. It initiated “round-ups,” treating people like criminals who have committed no crime.

However, most horrifying to me was the personalized brutality to which these Iranian men were subjected. They were lined up against a wall, backs to their guards, who screamed degrading racial insults, saying they deserved their mistreatment because they were Iranians.

It is hard not to think of the worst human history, with people violently persecuted because of their ethnicity. Most Americans are unaware of the extreme abuse that Middle Eastern and other populations are enduring in this country under official government sanction.

This is a terrifying scenario in the “land of the free,” where huddled masses were once welcomed to escape intolerance and terror and finally breathe free.

Harriett Fels

Nevada City

Where are the stabbings,

crashes on The Union’s P.1?

To say I am disgusted with what is suppose to be a newspaper is putting it mildly.

What, were your reporters asleep New Year’s Eve night or too hung over to report the spectacular vehicle accident on the frontage road at Bank Street? One victim flown out by helicopter, others ejected. What, was this not news enough? Then finally a piece, and not even on the front page, about the stabbings New Year’s night where two had to be flown out?

No, I’m not crazy about reading “gore,'”but come on, more things are happening in our so-called “peaceful little town” than kiddies jumping into Scott’s Flat Lake.

This so-called newspaper has gotten to be a waste of money. You can read more about what’s going on here in Grass Valley in the Auburn Journal or the Mountain Messenger. Plus the spelling is a disgrace. You would think that to see so many misspelled words would be an embarrassment to your editors. Apparently not. Your computers surely must have “spell check” on them. Perhaps as a condition of employment you should give a spelling test and show that they can use a computer to check the spelling.

The Union paper has become a joke.

Audrey Simpson

Grass Valley

Don’t blame vehicles for

driver’s aggressive action

It is about time someone set us straight on the causes of aggression traced directly to our vehicles (Jan. 4). [The letter writer] relates that Keith Bradsher links SUVs to aggression and points the finger at the Hummer H3.

Vehicles influence our behavior. A once-respected physician purchased a pickup truck, soon took to wearing cowboy hats, installed a gun rack complete with 30-30 rifle and started throwing empty beer cans out the window.

Who knows how many potential Mafia types started honest lives, only to be changed by the purchase of a black four-door Lincoln with tinted windows. Don’t be fooled by a person driving an older Volkswagen Beetle. They were “der people’s car.” There must be a Nazi flag tucked away somewhere.

He forgot motorcycles. It goes without saying that first there is the black leather jacket, engineers boots and then gangs.

What drivel!

Vehicles cause aggressive traits like flies cause garbage. Don’t blame the vehicle for the driver.

Archie Caldwell

Grass Valley

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