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Balanced board

best serves county

A heavy burden has been lifted. Our past Board of Supervisors believe they did great things for this county, but one-sided agendas serve no one. Just as past boards, when the “Good Ole Boys” had their way with a one-sided board, the county ultimately suffered from the lack of a balanced government.

A breath of fresh air, a new start in 2003 with a board that has the most balance this county has seen in years. You’ll be subjected to steeped rhetoric from those who lost in this past election and will try to discredit the new supervisors before they even have a chance to make an impact on any policy decisions. Talk is cheap.

I believe that your voice will be heard if you choose to be involved in the process. This board will consider ideas from all facets of our community before a final decision on policy is made. It’s what their campaigns were about, and we will hold our new supervisors accountable for their election promises.

Welcome Supervisor Robin Sutherland and Supervisor Drew Bedwell. Welcome to a balanced government process where the greater majority of Nevada County citizens can be heard.

Jim Crowley

Grass Valley

Making connections

When considering the changes that have taken place here in Nevada County over the last generation (about 25 years), I am not amazed at the conflicts that some people who have been here longer are experiencing.

Leaf-burning is a case in point. An obvious sequence: More people than before, more people burning leaves than before, more smoke than before, more negative impacts on the environment and people than before. There is a connection between increased population and “big city rules and regulations.”

Here’s another sequence which should be obvious but is commonly not: More people, more need for housing, more local governmental rules and regulations which foster growth, an increase in property values for even those folks who have lived here a long time.

Perhaps we should put on the next ballot a measure which would require residents to reimburse those government entities which helped to increase their property values – a so-called Reverse Measure D. Silly. So was D – as in dumb. By making connections, the changes people have seen here might be more readily understood, managed and accepted, or not.

Thomas Dyer

Grass Valley

The joy of empty cages

For some, just the word cage makes them shudder. Others prefer to always use the word kennel, as if it makes the shelter sound more glamorous. No matter what you call them, they are still cages.

Why would an empty cage bring joy? Just ask the people who struggle, even on Christmas, just to get the dogs and cats out of the shelter. Just ask the kennel attendant who must clean out the cages. Ask the volunteers who walk the dogs and cuddle the cats. Ask the local rescues. Ask the people in your community who open up their homes to a foster animal. And finally, ask the animals still in the cold, metal cages, why would an empty cage bring joy?

The joy of empty cages is that there are dogs and cats in their forever homes. There is a cat lying on a warm bed. A dog who is cuddled by blanket and owner in front of a nice warm fire. But most of all, a few less animals waiting for certain death in a cold, metal cage.

Thanks to each and every individual who was a part of the empty cages of 2002. Let’s make 2003 full of even more empty cages.

Jennifer Gunder



Was there no local news?

While the recent four-part series, “The Secret of Lost Dog Trail,” held my interest, I can’t help but wonder “why?” What possessed the editor to run this story in our local newspaper? I saw no relevance to Nevada County. Have we run out of local news? Did nothing noteworthy happen in Nevada County last week? Or, perhaps, Union reporters took some extra time off over the Holidays and the editor needed stories to fill the space.

Karen Lunde

Alta Sierra

Wyoming series lurid

Who thought Nevada County wants to read about murders in Green River, Wyoming? Knothead. Fill those columns with “Good in the County.” Our County. Sick, sick, sick. Lurid makes me livid.

Karen Macy

Grass Valley

Advice for the left

Recently there have been several letters to the editor whining about the elections of Sutherland and Bedwell to the Board of Supervisors. The writers paint pictures of doom and gloom about the tragedies they presume will inevitably befall the county now that the BOS is predominately conservative.

It’s almost comical. Sutherland and Bedwell have not even assumed office and already they’re being demonized for what they will supposedly do. This illustrates a fundamental difference between the two sides of the political spectrum. “Fairness” is an obsolete concept to the left, and they will demonize the right at every opportunity, real or imagined. When you’re saving the planet, the end justifies any means, right?

To you crestfallen left-wingers, I offer the following suggestion: Hold your fire until you have something tangible to complain about. Take a lead from the conservatives, who waited until the liberal dominated BOS acted up before speaking out.

In the meantime, get together to drum and chant, hit the medical cannabis, save some endangered species, support the Peace Center (if you’re really committed, consider serving as “human shields” in Iraq), and participate in as many candlelight vigils as possible. You’ll feel better for it.

Dana Reed

Nevada City

Cruelty to wildlife wrong

Regarding the letter in The Union on the hunting and killing of bears in our state and county (Dec. 27): I am taking his advice and writing my state representative, as well as fish and game officials.

These unconscionable cruelties to our wildlife sickens anyone with a sense of the role that animals play in the system of our universe. Imagine our world without animals. What a sad place this would be. I agree, the killing for the sport says a lot about the individuals involved. Perhaps if more of us spoke up, it will end. One can only hope.

Bettye Jensen

Grass Valley


The Boogyman lives in my basement. I just know it!

…and he ain1t no Christian.

I can hear him now, drinking my motor oil.

Jeez, we1d better bomb the hell out of Saddam.

Tony Hardwick

Nevada City


As I was walking down the street.

I picked up something good to eat.

I was neither, fish, flesh, foam or bone.

But I kept it until it walked alone.

Answer = an egg, then baby chick.

Carl Cicogni

Cedar Ridge

Kudo: Angels, Twin Cities Church

I don1t know the Angels, to thank them personally, but I can write a note to say it. I just want to reach out and thank all the Angels, and the Twin Cities Church, who donate their time and money and gifts to those who are less fortunate. My daughters and grandson and I were touched by Angels this year for Christmas, with gifts and food. I just want to say 3thank you² and God bless each and everyone of you.

Kimberly Anderson

Grass Valley

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