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Readers write

Pet killed because owners

let it run out of control

It was so heartbreaking.

I was coming home from work, and I noticed a young couple with a young shepherd dog (maybe 4-6 months). Apparently they were going to take off in their car, because they were headed that way.

I noticed they had no control over the dog.

As I was walking home, I heard a very sad sound. I’m not sure what order this all happened in, but there was a scream, a screech of tires and a pitiful howl. I turned around and saw the dog had been hit. The girl was screaming and crying.

I can’t believe the people acted so irresponsibly. They had seen the way the dog was acting. They should have had a leash so they could have controlled him or her. Instead, they just let it do as it pleased, which was cross the street and then get run over.

It’s so sad that an innocent life had to be either hurt or killed because of stupid owners who don’t have enough sense to control their pet.

C. Carles

Grass Valley

If we spent less on bombs

and tanks, we could help others

The article about Ron Cole (The Union, Dec. 5) was very timely. I had just spoken to my friend Carin Landquist in Vasteras, Sweden. She also has MS. In the past year and a half, the country of Sweden has remodeled her kitchen to include cabinetry with shelves that descend for easy reach and leveled the floor of her house and a pathway to the front door. They also assisted with the purchase of a vehicle with a lift for her subsidized wheelchair.

Oh, and by the way, she just got home from a month of rehabilitation in Tenerife, Canary Islands. That was also paid for by her government in the (cost-effective) hopes of keeping her independent as long as possible.

Just think, if we weren’t so determined to police the world and flex our superpower biceps, our government might just have the money to help our own citizenry with universal health insurance and assistance for the disabled.

And think what how much extra we might have to help the hungry people of the world if we didn’t have to spend so much on those expensive bombs and tanks.

Sandra Rockman

Nevada City

Why did Board of Realtors oppose

affordable housing ordinance?

Say, can anyone help me figure out why the local Board of Realtors sent a representative to speak against the final adoption of the Title 25 ordinance at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting?

As you may know, this ordinance is the result of 30 years of effort by private citizens and county officials to address the huge issue of affordable housing, and would allow rural residents greater flexibility in their choice of design and materials when building new housing.

Why would the Realtors oppose the most concrete and substantial new idea to create affordable housing, in view of the fact that every private citizen who spoke at the public meeting supported Title 25? Perhaps they know what type of houses we should live in. Much to their credit, our supervisors approved the ordinance.

Scott Rogers

Penn Valley

Don’t judge a major religion

by just a few phrases

The Old Testament is filled with slaughter. Today, Catholics and Protestants kill each other regularly in Ireland, and one of the last things Jesus said was “and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one” (Luke 22:36).

Does this prove Christianity is a violent religion? There are approximately 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Over 1 billion practice a peaceful religion based on compassion and love for their fellow human beings, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Claiming understanding of a major religion by selecting a few phrases is like examining the Smithsonian by looking through the keyhole of a single door – what you see may really be there, but your view would be very limited.

Ned Russell

Grass Valley


Kindness to an old man

Hurts a Lott

Everything is not

black and white.

Nancy Fee

Grass Valley

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