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Readers write

Drivers are the problem

The letter of Oct. 15 hit the nail on the head. The problem with any of our traffic is with the drivers. The yield signs are laughable; at least most drivers think so.

Most also think it is up to the other drivers to do the yielding when merging. That also will be the main problem with the roundabouts being proposed – no one will want to yield.

I, too, am not a perfect driver, but I do yield.

James A.Gibson

Penn Valley

Complaint about reward? Get over it

Am I really reading a complaint about only getting $300 for finding and honestly returning something that does not belong to you? This is stupid. I am teaching my kids what my parents taught me. I cannot believe that our paper printed this . . . . Get over it. I hope that the couple who found this $91,000 has good karma, and that this story was misunderstood. Good Lord, what is this all coming to?

Denise Nichols


Disappointed with paper

What a disappointment to see the new regime at The Union take sides politically, and to do so in an unfair, underhanded fashion. If you must accuse one of our local candidates of “planting” an unsupported story in a sympathetic publication, then at the very least you shouldn’t commit the very same offense as you attempt to defend your refusal to report the story. And shame on you for doing it so late in the game that there’s no possibility for dialog. Or was that the point? Get the win for your side and forget ethics. Must we really endure a return to the days of the “good old boys” at The Union?



Grass Valley

Elections by auction

Instead of all this voting nonsense, why don’t we simply auction off political offices? Highest bidder wins. Wait a minute . . . isn’t that the way it is already? I’m sure E-Bay would be happy to host our so-called elections.

Terry Pittsford

Nevada City

The Union sabotaged Martin’s campaign

Congratulations! Your sabotage of the Izzy Martin campaign proved very effective. The all-too-obvious bias of your supposedly “objective” reporting has helped place on the Board of Supes a moral and financial bankrupt and a paranoid conspiracy theorist who is an embarrassment to anyone capable of linear thinking. The politics of the big lie triumph in Nevada County. Balance? The 3-2 paid for by SPI pro-development majority you have helped to power is anything but balanced. Michael Moore’s assessment of your paper was too kind.

John Deaderick

Nevada City

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