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readers write

Urges alternative for school spray

At the beginning of the school year, our local school offers an option for parents to be informed whenever any “chemicals or sprays” will be used on school grounds. I chose to be notified by mail prior to use.

Throughout the year, I received notices that Roundup [herbicide] would be used on the athletic fields and surrounding landscapes. Since it was usually applied on Fridays, I chose to keep my son home from soccer practice on these days. (If Roundup is supposed to dissipate to a “safe” level in 24 hours – as one Landscaper told me, then why didn’t they spray on the weekends and vacations?)

Today I read where the town of Corte Madera, Calif., is using hot foam instead of chemicals. It’s water and sugar, heated over 200 degrees, and kills all weeds.

I urge you to call your local schools and inquire about their weed-killing regimen. I just got diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and, while I’m 54 years old, I was in contact with chemicals on the dairy farm where I grew up, chemicals to kill weeds.

Cheryl Byrne


Bush’s heart pumps oil and not blood

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad,” and our President Bush is mad as a hatter. Under his administration and with those he has chosen to assist and advise him, they have made a shambles out of the Bill of Rights and portions of our Constitution. They have weakened the environmental rules and regulations.

They have eroded our basic civil liberties to the point where we are headed for a “police state.” Bush has taken a multi-billion-dollar surplus he inherited and with his fiscal policies turned it into a multi-billion dollar deficit. His entire presidential program thus far has been to favor the wealthy and the muiltinational corporations at the expense of the poor, working class and middle class, and his program goes on ad nauseam.

Presently, Bush is bound and determined to invade Iraq regardless of what the U. S. Inspectors uncover. Yes, Saddam Hussein is an evil man and should be removed, but not by war and the killing of thousands of innocent civilians. Bush claims Hussein might have an atomic bomb in six months – we’ve got 10,000! No, it is Iraq oil Bush is after. Bush’s heart doesn’t pump blood, it pumps oil!

Aaron Braude

Grass Valley

32-point tantrum is found amusing

Thanks, Union. I love the opinion page, and last Thursday’s page really gave me a laugh. There are so many children whose parents never took the time to tell them that you don’t always get your own way, and seeing them screaming in a mall is quite a sight. However it doesn’t compare with the mental image of an adult throwing a 32-point tantrum on the opinion page.

Well, life is full of disapointments. I suggest that the next time he has a hissy-fit, he just throw himself on the floor and kick his heels while screaming. A much more effective catharsis.

Elmabel Rohrman

Grass Valley

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