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Readers Write

Arledge played big role in Grass Valley

Roone Arledge, ex-president of ABC Sports and ABC News, died last week. What most people probably don’t know is the extent of the effect that Roone had on the Grass Valley and Nevada City area.

During the ’70s and ’80s, it was ABC Sports and ABC News that gave life to the Grass Valley Group, and it was Roone Arledge who caused ABC to buy Grass Valley Group equipment. He wanted only the best. Last night during a tribute to him on “Nightline,” there was one shot that showed Roone sitting beside the control panel of a Grass Valley Group switcher.

Without the hundreds of millions of dollars that flowed into our area during that period of time through the Grass Valley Group, Grass Valley and Nevada City would not be what they are today.

Now Roone is gone, but the effects of what he did live on.

Ben H. Lashbaugh

Rough and Ready

‘Tis season to help single parents

Hello, my name is Deanne, and I am a single mom of three children. To say the least, it is a difficult job, especially if you work full time, as I do. I still don’t make enough money.

I am sure there are others like me, too. As a single mom, I feel that we need more help than you think. Unlike married people, we do not have what we need, all the time. We do the best we can.

I say thumbs up to single parents! God bLess you. Remember a single parent and his or her children this Christmas. ‘Tis the season of giving …

Deanne Hernandez

Grass Valley

Concerned about Mardi Gras event

While I affirm the motivations of those in city leadership to bring increased commercial prosperity to our communities, I have a serious concern about the recent decision to hold a Mardi Gras event in our county seat.

Mardi Gras carries themes and activities which are opposite in purpose and character to the values of our community. Our Gold Rush birthing and singular motivation for quick riches left a legacy that we are trying to correct and outgrow. Inviting Mardi Gras into our midst stands squarely against our broad desire for higher things. In fact, by hosting this festival, are we not slipping into the historic error of the desire for quick profits while sacrificing proven measures of productive lifestyle?

Peace and prosperity for our area will be found as we continue to live by high ideals. Let us not communicate to our young people that we endorse the attitudes and behavior inherent in Mardi Gras. Let us not mar the rich assortment of God-honoring, people-lifting events for which our communities have developed a respected reputation. Let an event with a life-giving theme be sought which will further our movement toward Nevada County’s high calling.

Dan H. Prout


Shed tear for poor Oakland Raiders’ fan

I have never before written a letter to the editor of any newspaper, but felt I could not sit idly by while your paper engaged in such cruel and inhumane treatment of one Raiders’ fan.

To think that you would force this poor man to have to turn a page to read about his “beloved” Raiders is beyond belief.

You have pushed him over the edge. Move over, Scott Thorpe. You’ve got company.

Paul Reese

Grass Valley

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