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readers write

Polarization plan used masterfully

“Bedwell wins” and says one of his top priorities would be to mend the polarization in Nevada County. That’s hunky dory, Drew, after you and the “property rights” forces stole one of the pages from the Republican play book of polarization and used it on Nevada County.

While the Clinton administration was too busy bringing peace and prosperity to America, Republicans, conservatives and right-wingers at the national level divided and polarized the country for eight years, maligning and reviling Clinton, Democrats and liberals, and then blamed Clinton-Gore for their masterful job of polarization.

In a similar manner, for the last year and a half Bedwell and the property rights forces have distorted, deceived, divided and polarized Nevada County with their continuous stream of vile and vindictive diatribes directed at the “too liberal” Board of Supervisors.

The hard-working supervisors were too busy creating a fiscally sound Nevada County to involve themselves in petty and divisive politics, but they were blamed for the polarization of Nevada County anyway by none other than the property rights culprits.

Is “a community gets what it deserves” applicable here? Does Nevada County deserve to be governed by a group of property-rights crazies?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

Benefactor’s wish deserves respect

Mr. Dryden J. Wilson clearly stated his wishes that the $877,738 he left to Nevada County be spent on parks and open-space conservation. I find it appalling to hear that Mr. Bedwell wants to blatantly disregard those wishes just because it is not something that he values.

Mr. Bedwell is showing an amazing lack of integrity and brash disrespect for a person who was incredibly generous to, and trusting of, the county. Just because Mr. Wilson did not jump through the legal hoops to bind his bequest to parks and open space, his wishes need to be honored and followed. This is a basic premise of decency and civility.

As I recall, Mr. Bedwell was calling for civility and respect in the recent elections. Was that just rhetoric to get elected, Mr. Bedwell? Show some dignity and integrity and do not stand in the way of honoring a fellow man’s last wishes. We all deserve that respect.

Kristin Otto

Penn Valley

Asset-forfeiture column revisited

Molly Ivins, columnist (?), should go back to school – Civics 101. The Supreme Court rules on constitutional questions, not bubble-headed columnists. They have upheld the asset-forfeiture law as an anti-drug tool.

Secondly, your bleeding-heart story of the rancher rushing to his wife’s defense with a gun in his hand is flawed. Standard procedure in serving a search warrant is to shout out your police department, “LAPD”, several times. If the husband had appeared empty-handed, he would not have been shot.

John Vandenberg

Grass Valley

Let’s return to

Christian values

Recent statistics reveal some distressing facts: increase of violence against innocent people (including the unborn), disregard for the rights and dignity of fellow citizens, spread of AIDS and venereal diseases, illegitimate birth rates, the number of abortions, and now the fear of terrorist attacks.

Yet there is hope for improvement – by returning to Christian values! The season of Christmas radiates the good news for our salvation: God has sent His Son to bring “peace on Earth among men of good will.”

The noise of commercials encouraging us to buy toys, power tools and jewelry obscure the true meaning of Christmas – that God revealed Himself in the person of Jesus, born in Bethlehem, whose teaching of love and compassion overcame the fears and despair of humanity. He assured us of love and concern for every individual by our Father in Heaven. His religion is not forced on the society, rather offered as the best choice for our happiness. There is no doubt that Christ’s teaching of love and justice can transform the world.

Peter Pohorsky

Grass Valley

2020 signs should stay to remind us

Bedwell no longer needs his NO 2020 signs since the election is over.The signs should remain posted for the next four years. They will serve as a reminder to Nevada County citizens what happens when they do not vote.

Margaret Garrehy

Grass Valley

Staff legislators invited to Hawaii

It has been reported that the California Corrections Officers Union has invited 20 staff legislators to an “informative” session in Hawaii.

As the Legislature enters the new budget-cutting session, how do we think education will fare?

Robert Parvin

Grass Valley

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