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What am I, the

Amazing Kreskin?

After reading the paper Nov. 27, let me be the first to say I told you so! Less than six months after the Board of Supervisors allows county CIO Steve Monaghan to spend $806,000 on another computer system (board resolutions 02-410/411) does the Behavioral Health Department announce they cannot meet the grand jury recommendation of a crisis stability facility because the county cannot afford it. Back in July, few seemed to care that such a large amount was spent or what the repercussions would be; now we have the answer.

A recent study by the U. S. Department of Justice shows 16 percent of inmates are identified as mentally ill. This doesn’t mean everyone seeking mental health care is a violent criminal. However, we’ve already seen what violent ones are capable of without treatment.

I would think in the aftermath of the shootings in January 2000, providing mental health care would be a top priority of the county administration to prevent another recurrence. Instead, we can now look forward to the psychologically and mentally unbalanced roaming the streets because treatment is not available.

The new BOS should and probably will be more conscientious about spending money on unnecessary projects and curtail Monaghan’s uncontrolled spending. An expensive project that benefits a few should not have precedence over providing common government services.

Jad Funk

Nevada City

Startling facts shared about guns, doctors

Let’s take another look at gun control and other questionable statistics. It has been reported that there are 800 million gun owners in the U. S. (I wonder, who counted them?) It has also been reported that there are 1,500 accidental gun deaths per year; thus, the deaths per owner is 0.0000188.

Now this is a spooky statistic. There are 700,000 physicians in the U.S. (Everybody has a doctor.) Health and Human Services reports that there are 120,000 accidental deaths by physicians. Their percentage is 0.171.

It simply means that a person is 9,000 times more likely to have an accidental death from his doctor than from a gun owner.

Along these lines, I have heard people say, “My shoes are killing me.” I made a survey of all the deaths caused by ill-fitting shoes. It comes to 0.000002.1.

I also counted the people who said, “This shirt collar is strangling me.” I was shocked to discover that last year 0.000000001 people died from tight shirt collars.

So, let’s look at the whole scope of accidental deaths. Ban guns, ban doctors, ban shoes and shirts. Now i’m going to make a survey of the number of accidental deaths caused from sex . . . or the lack of same.

Dennis H. Olson

Nevada City

How many hotels does county need?

In regards to the Other Voices piece on the City Center Playhouse of Nov. 16, I could not agree more. How many motel/hotels does Nevada County have? At last count, at least a dozen in Nevada City and Grass Valley alone. Do we really need another one? On the flip side, how many playhouses do we have? Just one, now. Let’s hope that the NU Drama Department can pull off a miracle and supplement what is left of our dramatic arts community.




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