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Readers Write

Raiders not on P. 1?

Just more fan abuse

Okay, great editor of The Union – you’ve finally done it! Pushed me over the edge! Monday’s front page of the sports section was the proverbial straw and you are dealing with a really old crabby person!

For years I have put up with abuse for remaining a loyal fan of my beloved Raiders. The almost-but-not-quite-enough scores. The dumb comments like, “I used to be a fan, but then they went to L. A. I’m sure Al Davis put it to a vote!” “So you’re a ‘traitor’ fan . . .,” and etc.

Raiders should have been front-page sports Monday. You know, if the 49ers had played they would have been front page. Does anyone give a —- about Tampa Bay or Green Bay? Come on!

What happened to, “It’s your paper?” So much for those lofty words. Lip service! So much for impartial selection. Face it, Grass Valley, geographically, you’re no closer to S.F. than Oakland. Unfortunately, your newspaper is a million miles from either! Tuesday and Wednesday only confirm what I have already said. Now you’re just getting more boring, if that’s possible.

Sal Hastings

Grass Valley

Not enough coverage of Cornish Christmas

Friday, Nov. 29, was the 35th annual Cornish Christmas celebration in downtown Grass Valley and the streets were filled with people. It was probably the busiest shopping day Grass Valley had ever seen. I know that sales in my store were up 20 percent from the same day last year (which was my previous best day ever). The weekend continued in the same vein, and for the three-day weekend my sales were up 25 percent from the prior year!

My fellow merchants reported similar results. But what was The Union’s front-page story Monday morning on weekend shopping? An Associated Press article citing the nervousness of merchants and how consumers are buying at the discount stores this year.

On Saturday, the day after that fabulous Cornish Christmas celebration, The Union had a story quoting merchants very early in the day on Friday and didn’t even mention Grass Valley’s Cornish Christmas celebration. The biggest day of the year – the most people in town ever and the local newspaper doesn’t think it’s important enough to mention? Better to suggest to people that they should move on down the hill to Wal-Mart or some such? I object! Shame on you!

I’d like to invite Nevada County residents and their visitors, family and friends to come to downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City and see what the local stores have to offer – see why this holiday shopping season will be the best ever for western Nevada County merchants, and consumers!

As for The Union: I suggest you look around and report what’s actually happening locally, rather than repeating what the doom-and-gloom reporters from New York and Los Angeles are predicting.

Rita Burns

Grass Valley

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