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Readers Write

The Iraqis hate us

because we are free

Last week I saw a letter telling me that Iraq has a right to defend itself. That’s a load of rubbish, and the person who wrote that letter is definitely confused. Now, another confused writer who wants us to “understand.”

I understand that these people have a right to say their piece and so do I. The enemy hates us because we are free to exercise every right that God has given us. They are bound by Arabic rules that mandate they hate and kill us.

This is the truth, and I understand nothing else.

If they don’t like it here, they can always move. Land in Iraq is pretty cheap.

Greg Gonzales

Grass Valley

Public should know who subsidizes campaigns

The recent past county election campaigns were filled with loose talk attempting to paint the candidates with brushes of outside interests – Ms. Sutherland’s purported links to Indian gaming, Ms. Martin’s complicity in some worldwide scheme to rob us of our property rights, and Mr. Bedwell’s supposed association with right-wing extremists.

These would all have been amusing were they not so zealous in their delivery, and so seemingly effectual in demonizing the candidates.

But now we have a hard issue: according to The Union on Nov. 23, literally tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions are unattributed in their origin.

Regardless of the letter of the law, the intent is clear: The public has a right to know who is spending money on a given candidate. To not disclose the exact origin of these amounts of money is an unequivocal violation of the public trust.

Kudos to The Union for publishing this article; I hope it is not the last. We, the citizens and voters of Nevada County, have a right and a need to know who is subsidizing election campaigns in this county. I urge The Union to pursue this until we know the complete story.

Ric Ferrentino

Nevada City

Potential conflicts must be seriously considered

In his letter published in The Union on Nov. 25, Brian White claims “Conley Weaver refused to elaborate” as to why he abstained from voting due to conflict of interest.

As accurately reported in The Union on Nov 14: “Conley Weaver, the owner of a bed-and-breakfast in Nevada City, said he, too, abstained because the parade has a financial impact on lodging facilities in Nevada City. ‘That’s a conflict of interest,’ he said.”

Mr. White can confirm this by simply reviewing the audio/video tapes of the meeting. Further, it should be noted that I was not a member of the City Council when the “blanket street closure” was voted on by the council.

Serious consideration must be given at all times to potential conflicts and judgement calls when reviewing matters before the public. I will continue to be diligent in pursuing the proper decisions.

Conley S. Weaver

Nevada City City Councilman

Don’t apologize for

wanting Joe Cain event

Mr. Bob Crabb doesn’t owe anyone an apology, nor is he an idiot. None of us who want the Mardi Gras event to continue need to do so.

The Chamber did everything but stood on their heads to help the Joe Cain board. They are the ones who started this witch hunt.

This event was started to bring fun and revenue to the town when we could use a little uplift. All of a sudden, it’s a God issue. Most of the members who started the event and did all the hard work never got any of the credit, and we want to keep it going.

Twenty-one years ago, we lost our oldest son. I know where he is, and we know when our days on this earth are done we will be in heaven with him, along with our friend from the Mardi Gras events, and there will be dancing. Yes, they do mention dancing in the Bible.

Also, after the barricades come down and the event is over, people are on their own, and their behavior is their problem.

Ruth McIntyre

Grass Valley

Paco’s Tacos’ application should have been OK’d

Per The Union, Nov. 20, Paco’s Tacos was rejected. It is amazing that the officials can change the rules at will!

If the property is zoned correctly and all other existing requirements are met, why should the application not be approved?

When this happens, the property owner is penalized.

No, I do not know the owner of the property, nor the applicant, if they are different. But I feel the owner should be able to use his/her property as they wish within the boundaries set by the existing laws.

James Gibson

Penn Valley

The wrong road

A recent letter lambasting The Union and publisher Jeff Ackerman suggested that Mr. Ackerman has no right to publish his opinion in the pages of the newspaper he operates. I would caution anyone that thinks this is a good idea to reconsider it.

I have been the target of censorship attempts, and (in my opinion) if you believe in free speech for anyone, you must believe in free speech for everyone.

It is always easy to defend the free speech of those you agree with, but the true test comes when the issue is the free speech of those you don’t agree with.

It’s certainly fair to have the public question what you’re doing and why you’re doing it when you work in the media. Believe me, I know about this one!

But to suggest that Ackerman has given up his right to voice his opinion about politics and/or anything else because he publishes a newspaper is in the end dangerous.

Especially in times like these.

Mike Thornton

Nevada City

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