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Parents shouldn’t criticize Eminem

I would love to know where some person got that Eminem “fantasizes about raping his sister.” In real life, Eminem doesn’t have a sister, and nowhere in “8 Mile” does he want to rape his sister. He has a daughter and probably wouldn’t have done the role if it called for that. He’s a great dad.

People who say stuff without first knowing the truth are the ones who give him a bad name. Some probably think Eminem is disgusting and won’t let their children watch him, but watched “American Pie” with their kids and thought it was hilarious. But it was 10 times worse in content than “8 Mile.”

Congratulations to all the parents who let their children see “8 Mile” and listen to his music. You are great parents. To all the others who won’t, grow up. We live in different times now, and your children are gonna hear these words in everyday life and everywhere you go.

And to all those without children, don’t worry about how the rest of us raise our children. And just for the record, Eminem has never called a black person the bad N-word. Parents who criticize him probably do.

Andrea Waugh

Penn Valley

‘Patriot’ Poindexter guarding security?

I want to congratulate John Poindexter on his appointment as head of the Pentagon’s wonderful new Total Information Access system. This marvelous system keeps evil terrorists from compromising our freedoms by allowing scrutiny of every American’s bank, credit card, phone, internet, school, court, health, travel history, magazine subscriptions, etc, etc.

I also want to let Mr. Poindexter know that those visits to kinky Web sites on my computer were actually made by that sneaky neighbor’s kid, and that I never doubted his innocence, even after he was convicted of those five petty felonies. I’m certain he had good reasons for lying to Congress, obstructing justice, selling weapons to our enemy, and helping orchestrate massive cocaine imports to our inner cities.

President Bush couldn’t have chosen a trustworthier patriot to ferret out disloyalty and terrorism. I join them both in saying to heck with outmoded pre-9/11 jargon like “land of the free and home of the brave” and “give me liberty or give me death.” I’m amongst the mighty throng of modern patriots proclaiming, “We want security at any cost, and we want it now!”

John Poindexter is the perfect man to give us just what we deserve.

Alan Phillips

Grass Valley

Berkeley alumni proud of Royce

Thank you for your inset box profile of Josiah Royce, after whom the Grass Valley Library is named. An important detail that was left out of your profile but is a part of the plaque in Mr. Royce’s honor in front of the library is the fact that he is an alumnus of the University California, which at the time was the only branch of University of California in Berkeley.

The Libraries of the University of California, Berkeley were recently distinguished as the top ranking university library in the United States, so it is only fitting that a University of California, Berkeley graduate have a library named in his honor.

Speaking as one of the 800-plus living graduates of the University of California, Berkeley who proudly make Nevada County our home, we are proud of the heritage Mr. Royce has left behind and stand prepared to make any contributions to the community which can provide greater opportunities for the community.

The University of California, Berkeley, which belongs to the citizens of California, has been a contributor to the enrichment of Nevada County in countless ways for over 135 years, so far.

Tom Larsen


Gold Country Chapter of the University of California, Berkeley Alumni Association

Shouldn’t we try some understanding?

Anti-American, some may argue, is at an all-time high, and yet we continue to march on the path to war.

Although there is a time and a place for war, I would hope that any reasonable attempt at improving “Homeland Security” would first address the fundamental question: Why were 21 young men motivated to do such a heinous act? And why is there such deep-seated animosity in the world toward the U.S.?

Instead of talking about breaches in security, shouldn’t our government be trying to understand who our “enemies” are and why they feel the way they do? It troubles me that there hasn’t been more dialogue and more civil debate on this issue.

I submit to you that we have a public relations problem of epic proportions. We have some of the best PR, marketing and advertising firms in the world. For a fraction of the cost of a war in Iraq, we could engage in a marketing campaign that would be much more effective in reducing the risk of future terrorist attacks than bombing Baghdad. I’d much rather spend my money on convincing the world that we aren’t “the Great Satan” than giving them a reason to believe we are.

Erik D. Johnson

Grass Valley

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