Readers respond to Terri Schiavo’s situation |

Readers respond to Terri Schiavo’s situation

A form of child abuse?

Certainly, we all watched with disgust very young children being patted down, handcuffed and arrested for trying to enter Terri Schiavo’s hospice. But even more despicable is the fact these little ones were set up by their own parents.

There’s no justification for subjecting a child to this kind of trauma, and, in essence, teaching them to defy authority. No matter which side an adult may place himself or herself on in this explosive, emotional issue, little kids can’t possibly understand all the ramifications of the Schiavo situation. They will only remember the “mob” mentality they were encouraged to be a part of and the terrifying ordeal of being arrested and facing the possibility of being hauled away in a paddy wagon with other “criminals.”

Protest if you must. But don’t use your children as pawns. You adults claim to be “grown-ups.” Start acting like it.

Linda Gilliland

Penn Valley

Case exploited

Like all other caring people, I congratulate Anne Webb and her family for their successful efforts in raising their son Dustin under conditions which I can only imagine. Who would I be to judge them if their decisions years ago regarding their son were different.

I also congratulate Michael Shiavo for his efforts to carry out his wife’s wishes regarding the end of her life (although it took the better part of 15 years to do so), under much more scrutiny and nationwide judgments by people who were not directly involved in her plight.

The only difference that should matter in both cases is that Terri Shiavo expressed her wishes beforehand to her husband while it would have been impossible for Webb’s son to express his wishes to his parents at birth. As to the motivation for an autopsy to be performed on Terri Shiavo’s brain – again, who am I to question it? The people of this nation stuck their collective nose into this very personal and tragic situation through an unconstitutional act of Congress and a self-serving president and media – so an autopsy will probably serve some purpose to them, good or bad.

Terri Shiavo is now gone, but the circumstances of her death have helped to shed light on the darker side of some self-serving players in our society and it’s government.

Tom Dyer

Grass Valley

Bulimia killed Terri

(Letter writer, “Schiavo reports miss point,” April 1) has it right. Bulimia is what killed Terri. And Karen Carpenter on Feb. 4, 1983. And how many other beautiful young women?


Paul Reilly

Grass Valley

Stop whining

It’s amazing. A few short weeks ago we were complaining that the judiciary was acting beyond the scope of its authority by legislating from the bench.

Now, it seems, we’re not satisfied when the judiciary and the federal Legislature act according to their constitutional charter. Our response to the tragedy of the Terri Schiavo case stands as a representative example of our ambivalence. We seem to have forgotten that the judiciary is not an investigative body. It rules on evidence in actionable issues presented before it by disputing parties. Try dusting off that old Government 101 text book. Re-familiarize yourself with the Constitution. Review the separation of powers and the roles of the judiciary and the legislature. Then review all of the facts of the Shiavo case. Be careful to ignore the rumors, conjecture, personal opinions and emotional epithets.

In a representative republic, the government derives its authority from the people. If you want the next Schiavo case to have a different outcome, stop whining and, if it’s necessary in your state, change the law.

George Hicks

Grass Valley

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