Readers respond to Doolittle’s visit |

Readers respond to Doolittle’s visit

It is a shame that important issues facing America cannot be discussed civilly among people of all parties and beliefs; both sides have tried to marginalize the other. Democrats charge Republicans with having no compassion for the ordinary citizen; Republicans charge that if anyone does not agree with them, he/she is not a loyal American.

It is into that milieu that Rep. Doolittle came for his “workshop” on Social Security. The voters in this district already know who Doolittle is: he is one of the top-ranking Republicans in Washington, whose job it is to push Administration policy through the House.

So, when he rode into town with the “W” medicine show and tried to sell his snake oil, the people gave him a reasonably polite greeting. In the old days, he would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail for trying to sell a “pig in a poke.” No one, especially the president, has any idea how to make private accounts work, and no one has come up with a plan on how to keep Social Security solvent past 2052. Doolittle’s pig in the poke is bound to be a rattlesnake.

Paul Moore

North San Juan

Contact your lawmaker

I did not attend the Doolittle show-and-tell on Social Security. I already have figured out my take on the crisis as described by the current administration. I don’t need to go to meetings where my questions are drowned out by (members) of either party. I call John Doolittle’s office at least once a week to let him (through his aides) know what I think is important to me. Try it. Congressional aides are manning the phones now to take your call. D.C. (202) 225-2511, or Granite Bay (916) 786-5560.

Anthony Loro

Nevada City

Who does Doolittle represent?

Thank you for your insightful editorial (“Hearing an exercise in futility,” March 31). As a participant in the workshop, I agree with your opinion that the congressman’s agenda was in fact “set” in Washington by his Republican leaders. It was apparent to me that the purpose of his Social Security workshop was in fact to “sell” us on their agenda.

As I recall, in his opening remarks he stated that he was asked by Chairman DeLay to hold these workshops. What a disappointment. I had given our representative credit for calling these public forums on his own.

It became increasingly obvious as Rep. Doolittle commented to the questioners that he was sold on private accounts and sold on the insolvency of the Social Security trust fund. As I listened to the public comment, it became apparent that the overwhelming majority were not in agreement on either point.

Dolittle’s title is “representative.” Isn’t this supposed to mean he represents us, the everyday people of the 4th District? Maybe he’s forgetting that his position is determined by us, not his leaders in the capitol or DeLay’s enormous, if not unethical, fund-raising abilities.

Regan Gere

Nevada City

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