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Readers react to Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’

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Michael Moore hates America. In fact, he wants to make you ashamed of America. This all according to the publisher of The Union, Jeff Ackerman. And thanks to the Christian Science Monitor, he doesn’t even need to see the movie, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” to create these opinions about it.

Apparently, to question the actions of your government is to hate your country. Now, last time I checked, it is the responsibility of the people to be critical of their government. God forbid someone points out the errors of the Bush administration. You know what we call those people? Terrorists, according to the Patriot Act.

We should question our government. Does that make you ashamed of your country? Should your opinion of your government be the same as your opinion of your country? Should those not be two separate things? If nothing else, this movie is creating debate. And no matter what side you are on, you should support that. And to create an opinion of something, maybe in a community newspaper, before you experience it, is just irresponsible and lazy. Especially when you are the publisher of the only show in town.

Matthew Frink


How unfortunate the publisher of this local newspaper chose to devote his editorial column to bashing and pontificating about a film he himself did not see.

One would like to assume that anyone in the business of news publishing has a passion and interest in gathering and sharing knowledge and information. Instead, Mr. Ackerman has demonstrated his contempt for information that does not come homogenized – and, as a public service, he encourages his readers to do the same.

Some folks cannot tolerate the whole product – it disturbs their sensibilities. And this is why they detest Michael Moore.

The writing has always been clearly written on the wall when it has come to this president and this administration. Unfortunately, events have had to be played out before some could see it. And yet, there are still others who simply refuse to see.

Sons and daughters are being killed and maimed. It is not a time to be filtering out the fiber. It’s time for a little discomfort to shake up the denial. And, Mr. Ackerman, it is also a time to leave one’s ego at the door.

Debra Craig

Grass Valley

The Michael Moore documentary will soon be showing in Nevada County. I salute the theaters for helping out the Canadian releasing company that has been desperately trying to find theaters that will accept it.

After viewing, I am sure that members of the public who have minds open enough to absorb the information in “9/’11” will breathlessly await Mr. Moore’s next documentary.

If he has the courage to film it, I can recommend a documentary more fully researched and containing more explosive information than anything he has yet been able to find. It fully documents the end of the entire world by destruction from the sky. It was much more meticulously researched and documented than the current Michael Moore release.

I wonder if he will have the intestinal fortitude to film this terror. It was written quite some time ago, and I am not entirely sure of the title. However, I think it was something like “The story of Henny Penny” authored by the renowned documentarian, M. Goose.

Elmabel Rohrman

Grass Valley

One of the rewards of Mike Moore’s film is listening to the resulting howls of the ostensibly clear-headed, rational rightists. There’s Brooks, there’s Hitchens, and now Ackerman weighs in.

In his gloves-off declaration of allegiance to the Cheney-Bush cult and Manifest Destiny in the Middle East, Jeff manages to simultaneously slander and embrace popular media in order to support his argument. His argument? Apparently, bad people with bad relations doing bad things with oil money ought to be blown to bits.

Well, fine, but let’s get the word to Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan before the next round of bombing starts so we can get our troops and business people out first. Mike did say “possibly” the dumbest, right?

Timothy Cleary

Nevada City

Many liberals argue that what Michael Moore does is art. When Americans call theaters and threaten not to use them should they show his contemptuous movies, it’s censorship and political attacks on freedom of expression.

When their people call TV stations and sponsors, threatening not to watch or buy products in their battle against Dr. Laura, it’s a patriotic fight for what’s right. Liberal guru Pelosi and others accuse Bush of ineptness and question his intentions under the guise of brave Americans crusading for democracy.

When Cheney and conservatives challenge Kerry’s abilities, it’s a brutal attack on his patriotism and free speech by right-wing attack dogs.

These psuedo-patriots swear to faithfully protect our freedom of speech as long as they agree with that freedom of speech. If not, it’s an attempt to overturn the First Amendment by the evil right-wing conspiracy.

This menacing quest of theirs is absolutely the most dangerous thing that could happen to Americans, Democrat or Republican. They don’t seem to care.

I expect most surely to hear from those who disagree, those who have nothing original to say about anything and react only to those who do.

Bob Webster

Penn Valley

Go see the movie, Mr. Ackerman. Forming an opinion without benefit of open-minded perception of something available to be seen is about as far out demagogic right-wing Republican narrow-mindedness as I have ever seen.

The real fairy tale seems to be the Bush philosophy of “me and God are going to make this a good world even if I have to kill thousands of innocent people to do it,” or “I don’t make mistakes, s— just seems to happen.”

The other great modern fairy tale is that things are great (listen to Rush what’s-his-name) and that all us pessimists are just that – trying to spoil all the fun for this great society of greed and me, me, me, one and a half-million bankruptcies, over 17,000 drunk-driving-related deaths yearly, a flourishing drug industry (prescription and hard), far more prisoners per capita than any other major country in the world, and millions living at poverty level and more without access to medical help while millions of the rest of us live in relative luxury and hope that all the bad news will go away.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Don Jones

Penn Valley

Jeff Ackerman, publisher of The Union, moans about “fairy tales” that express opinions other than those held by him and fellow right-wingers. He quotes other writers’ diatribes against Michael Moore’s film, “Fahrenheit 9/11,” as evidence of bias in the “documentary” (Ackerman’s quotes, not mine, evidently intended to bias the reader to think the film has little basis in fact).

In the interests of full disclosure, I suppose, Ackerman writes, “I received an invitation [to see the film], but decided to pass.” In other words, his prejudicial comments about the film are based on writings of Ackerman’s narrow selection of opinionated columnists, not on any of his own observations. This, from the publisher of a newspaper?

Accounts of torture of Iraqi prisoners are dismissed by the following “quotes” from evening news: “A band of oppressed religious men regretfully cut the head off another American intruder yesterday” and “… armed American invaders made Iraqis put bags over their heads and ordered them to hop on one foot.”

Ackerman starts his opinion piece by welcoming us to pledge, “I’m not ashamed to be an American.” I am ashamed that he is editor [sic] of my local newspaper.

Tony Finnerty

Grass Valley

Jeff Ackerman blasted the movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” in a June 29 (column). He claims that Michael Moore lied about the Saudi airlift.

According to the St. Petersburg Times (June 9) and the 9/11 commission, there was in fact a flight from Tampa to Lexington, Ky., on Sept. 13 while the flight ban was in effect. The Saudi passengers of that flight were later part of the flight out of the country after the ban was lifted.

There are lots of facts available and lots of misleading reporting of the facts. There is also a lot of misinformation in the news media these days.

After reading this right wing (column) by the publisher of The Union, I never again want to read a rant about the left-wing predilections of The Union.

Alan Taylor

Nevada City

Thank God my wife and I moved to New Zealand. You’ve got a right-wing wacko for a publisher. If one is going to comment on a movie, it is better to see it than to bury one’s head in the sand. One needn’t agree, but at least have the integrity to look.

Richard Hanley

Hamilton, New Zealand

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