Readers’ corner 7/21/07 |

Readers’ corner 7/21/07

Restaurant where Szechwan was: One of my co-workers told me there is a sign in the window of the closed South Auburn restaurant in Grass Valley that says it will re-open as a Thai kitchen. No details on when, but stay tuned. That makes three Thai places now!

Door-to-door magazine salespeople: This is really turning into a concern. These are the young people who claim to be your neighbor (“around the corner”) and they’re raising money to go to London.

Anyway, Lois Abbott from Network Realty called to tell me what Washington Mutual Bank told her. They said these people aren’t in a hurry to cash checks. That means they might be trying to steal your identity from the info on your check. So, if you were duped by this couple, you might want to change your checking account. It is a hassle, but better safe than sorry!

Fire Safe Council gets more praise: Stella Young from the Lake Vera area called to tell me how wonderful the folks are at the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County. Her nonprofit, Campfire Girls, was able to have its land cleared by a group called ACE, coordinated through the Fire Safe Council. They are young foreign students here on a visa. Stella said, “They just worked their hearts out.” It’s always nice to hear about people who are happy and things turning out well!

Dixie’s lost key chain: Let this be a lesson to everyone! I think I dropped my key chain by the Nevada City Bank of America parking lot a little more than a week ago. My keys haven’t turned up, but I found that a lot of places have lost keys hanging around. Bank of America has lots of lost keys, and Nevada City Police also have a collection. Luckily, I was with Mr. Readers’ Corner, who had a duplicate of my car key. Losing stuff is so irritating! I have never lost my keys before!

Summer of Love: We’re collecting stories from people in the community who remember 1967 and have something to share about that amazing time. You can submit pictures, too. Just e-mail me and the package will run sometime later this summer. It will be fun to read what people were doing – I know I certainly have a story or two, and a pile of newspaper clippings about “Be-ins” and “Love-ins” my friends and I organized at Fullerton Junior College.

I really can’t get my head around the fact that the Summer of Love was 40 years ago. Wow! Seems like several lifetimes ago, actually.


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