Readers’ corner 7/12/07 |

Readers’ corner 7/12/07

Growers Market on Saturday: Because of the World Music Fest at the Fairgrounds, the Growers Market has been moved to Gate 8, which is the gate off Brighton Street. Linnie, who makes the greatest soaps (how can you resist Buddha soap in fabulous scents?) wanted me to let people know.

Speaking of WorldFest: It’s hard to keep up with so many bands and acts out there, although the grandchildren and one son-in-law make it their mission to keep me from being too hopelessly out of it! Anyway, the closing act on Sunday evening is a guy named Jackie Green from Sacramento. I haven’t seen him in person, but I have a couple of his CDs, and he’s fabulous!

Scam alert – Amazon? A reader called to tell me she ordered a book on The same day she received it, she received an e-mail, supposedly from the “Amazon Payment Center,” saying there was a billing issue with her account. The e-mail said the woman’s bank notified her of the problem. It went on to ask her to click various links (presumably to get her banking info or maybe her Social Security number.)

She closed the e-mail without following the instructions and called Amazon directly. They not only told her it was a scam, they said it was the second call of that nature that they had received that day! The reader told me that everything looked very official and on the up-and-up.

Door-to-door scam alert: A reader called from Morgan Ranch to tell me about this scam – which she and two of her neighbors fell for. A nice young man came to the door selling magazine subscriptions; if you didn’t want to receive the magazine the company – Integrity Pgm – would send it to the troops in Iraq. He talked about his mother, said he was going to school and would be working on filming something with John Cleese. He said he lived in the neighborhood.

“He had a wonderful story,” the woman told me. She got suspicious and Googled “Integrity Pgm” and found out it was a scam, so she canceled her check and got together with the other neighbors.

I went to Google and was directed to a site called, which had entries concerning this scam. One of the neighbors also went to the Grass Valley Police but was told a crime wasn’t committed because all three women stopped payment on their checks, so they weren’t out any money. So, beware of glib strangers who pass themselves off as your neighbor!


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