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Remley at the Miners Foundry: Bud Beebe, who has worked at Miners Foundry for 10 years, plays there tonight with his band, Remley. It’s a benefit for the Foundry and the cost is only $5 cover. It’s a great dance band and a wonderful way to spend a Thursday night, listening to rock ‘n’ roll.

Largest California laurel in Grass Valley? A reader named Maiya asked me if I knew the whereabouts of this tree in Grass Valley. She writes, “I was startled to learn that the largest California laurel, according to the American Forests Web site ( survives in Grass Valley.” I checked the Web site and it is listed, but no address given. Readers, do you know where to find that tree?

Heartwarming story: This comes from Dick Tracy: “Tonight Felicia said Sandy (her son) was looking for a street address of the Goss Family. (I’d done a story on them up in Vinton that appeared in the Draft Horse Classic program several years ago, and they came here at my invitation and lugged off parts of a Studebaker cart that had been in storage here for decades.)

I called Sandy to find out why he wanted the address, and he explained: ‘Today I was at the store (Sierra Saddlery & Mercantile, which he owns) and an old man walks in who immediately reminds me of Granddad (Ted Schaps, deceased). He was in his 90s, hard of hearing and partly blind, but still sharp as a tack. So, I came out from behind the counter to ask if I could help him.’

‘You got any GOOD saddles?’ he wanted to know, ‘And I’m not talking about any machine-made crap!’

‘Sandy showed him several high quality saddles, including one type he had made especially for the store.

‘That (pointing at Sandy’s choice) is a GOOD saddle,’ the man said. “Got any bridles?’

‘Sandy showed him a selection of upper end bridles and knew that the man knew his equipment. Then he started to loosen up and tell where he’d cowboyed in earlier years.

‘What about blankets?’ he asked.

Sandy nodded and said, ‘There’s only one that’ll please you. It’s American mohair. Most of the rest are from India.’

‘Wrap it all up,’ the old man said. ‘The saddle, bridle and blanket.’

Then he looked at Sandy and asked, ‘Do you know Dave Goss?’

Sandy has been the stable manager at the Nevada County Fairgrounds and knew the Goss family from the Draft Horse Classic, so he did.

‘Send this to Dave. He did me some favors in the past, and I’d like to do him one. I’m 96 and I don’t know how much time I have left to do this.’

Stunned (the bill ran about $4,000), Sandy asked, ‘Would you like to enclose a note?’

‘You got a business card?’ the old man asked. When Sandy produced one, the old-timer turned it over and wrote on the back, ‘Dave, thanks for everything. Dave Scott.’

We found the street address for the ranch (Sandy contacted Dave’s son) in Vinton and the package goes off by Fed Ex tomorrow. True story.”


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