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Bumpersnicker: Ms. Readers’ Corner does not endorse any political commentary. Just passing along a bumpersticker submitted by Grass Valley Gary.

“I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney

Than ride with Ted Kennedy”

Collie Rescue in Northern Cal: Readers Linda and Rick Aeschliman have been volunteers with NorCal Collie Rescue. Here’s what they say, “Rick has done some paintings for them, and when people buy prints, a healthy portion of the proceeds goes to collie rescue. We are talking ‘Lassie’ type collies here – which actually come in four colors and both long and short hair varieties (rough and smooth). We have adopted all four of our dogs through collie rescue – two are purebred and two are mixes. NorCal Collie Rescue takes in and re-homes collies of any age and in any condition. There is a large collie rescue effort that occurred in Yolo County last year, and the dogs are now available for adoption. You can learn more about collies in general and NorCal Collie Rescue specifically at their Web site: Adopting an older dog is a wonderful experience. We adopted Angel when she was probably 10+ years old. She has perfect manners and is a delight!”

Cell phone rant: Don Baumgart of Nevada City said he agreed with last week’s rant on drivers using cell phone. “No, you’re not a complainer, you’re right on target. A few minutes on the Internet found the following: Researchers Say Talking on Phone ‘Ages’ Drivers 50 Years; Dr. David Strayer says a teen drivers’ reaction times are the same as a 70-year-old driver, when they are on the phone. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study concluding that simultaneously carrying on a phone conversation while driving is equal to driving legally intoxicated. For the months of April – December 2001, the California Highway Patrol attributed at least 4,699 crashes, 2,786 injuries, and 31 deaths to cell phones. Hang up and drive!”

Muslim cartoon controversy: “It’s Only A Cartoon – Why Are Muslims So Upset?” Sierra Pines United Methodist Church invites people to a community forum to promote understanding: “The Prophet Mohammed in Cartoons – Why Does it Matter?” Guest Speaker – Durriya Syed, vice president, Interfaith Service Bureau, Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims. Sunday, Feb. 26, 6:30 to 8 p.m., Sierra Pines United Methodist Church, 22559 West Hacienda Drive, Grass Valley. 268-6907.


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