Readers’ corner 4/6/07 |

Readers’ corner 4/6/07

The Union’s Letters to the Editor are one of our most popular features. With the popularity of e-mail, in some cases we are able to print letters within a day of receiving them.

Gone are the days when letters sat in the mail bin for weeks. One good thing about technology is the ability to quickly respond via computer.

We know that not everyone has a computer, and for those who don’t, we will happily accept your written letter and Reader Liaison Amanda Rogerson will type it in.

For those who do have access to a computer, please don’t fax your letters. It is much better all around if they are e-mailed to When we have to re-type things, there is always a chance an error could be made.

Also, please sign your letter and include a telephone number so we can verify that you wrote it. It’s amazing how many letters come in unsigned, or with no phone number. That just delays the process.

Please remember our word limit. Letters must be 200 words; Kudos are 100 words. Most computers count words for you. (This column is 194 words at this point – not to the end – if that helps.)

Other Voices are limited to 750 words. If you can’t get your point across in that amount of space, you are not being succinct. I am happy to work with any reader who needs help with these word limits.

These are also submitted to Amanda at readers@the

With Other Voices, we like to run a picture of the writer. You can scan a head shot and e-mail it; you can bring us a photo and we will scan it; or we can make an appointment with one of our photographers to take your picture.

These simple rules for submitting letters and Other Voices help make room so that everybody’s voice can be heard. We verify everything to ensure that the writer is who she says she is.

So, drop us a line. We want to hear from you.


To contact Readership Editor Dixie Redfearn, e-mail or call 477-4238.

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