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Absurd warnings: Here are a couple of things that seem strange. You know that sign by Grocery Outlet that says, “Caution: Watch for falling snow and rain.” The San Francisco Chronicle printed it two Sundays ago in its Travel Section as an example of being way too careful about warnings. However, one of my co-workers told me someone was injured leaving Grocery Outlet awhile back when some ice fell off the roof of the store and hit her. I talked to Dave, the owner of Grocery Outlet, and he said the shopping center wouldn’t put a gutter up on the store, so the warning is for liability purposes. For the record, Dave said he argued with the company that owns the shopping center, but to no avail. OK, so maybe that warning is warranted. But what about this one? I recently purchased a Flat Iron. (For you men reading this, that is a plug-in device like a curling iron that straightens your hair.) And, for you women who can see that my hair is straight already, that’s another story. Anyway, it came with a full page of safety warnings – my personal favorite was No. 6: “Never use while sleeping.” WHAT?! While sleeping? I always laugh when I’m on an airplane and the sign on the back of the seat in front of me says “Fasten seat belt when seated.” Kinda hard to fasten it when you’re standing up! Have all these warnings gone too far?

The Union’s pedometers: I think our publisher was on to something when he handed out free pedometers to the employees who wanted them. There is a chart on the wall, and those of us who are “counting our steps” turn them in at the end of every Monday. The goal is 10,000 steps a day (that is about 5 miles) and I want to tell you it is HARD to achieve that! But more importantly, the pedometer makes you very aware of how many steps you are taking and it’s kind of a wakeup call. I thought all the running around I do would really add up, but evidently I thought I was a lot more active than I really am. I’m glad to have that awareness and having a step goal helps, as well. I received a call from someone working for Nevada County, inquiring about our pedometer program, so maybe it will spread there.


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