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Setting the record straight: Ya know, Ms. Readers’ Corner tries to do the right thing, but you never know. Silly me, I assumed that Harvey Diemer was the proprieter of Annie Horan’s Bed and Breakfast in Grass Valley, but I was wrong. Harvey told me his wife, Jeannine Diemer, is the actual proprieter, and he (Harvey) is the more the “fix-it handyman” of the place. OK, glad I got that cleared up! I guess 70-year-old Harvey got a little razzing because I called him “youthful looking.” Somebody teased him and said he looks “at least 67” rather than 70. Gosh, I find as I get older that I really admire people who are young-looking in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Must be an age thing!

And another boo-boo: Reader Pat Lane, who must have been a prize-winning copy editor in another life, wrote to correct me on a term I used to describe my ancestors. Here’s her gently chiding e-mail. “Sorry, Dix, but you made a boo-boo in today’s column, too. There is no such thing as “Scotch-Irish” – ask any Scotsman. The correct term is Scots-Irish. The only thing Scotch in Scotland comes in a bottle. Believe me, I know. Not only from traveling in Scotland but also because I am SCOTS-IRISH!” Got it! I can’t get anything by you guys.

Bye-Bye Ray: The Roamin Angels are involved in so much here that it’s hard to not be aware of their activities. I’ve been to a few of their meetings and was always thoroughly impressed with their president of 12 years, Ray Yedding. He’s just one of those guys who is about as nice and polite as can be. A true gentleman. I just found out that Ray is “retiring” from his presidency and there will be a dinner honoring him on April 1 at the Alta Sierra Country Club. It will be a roast, so get your Ray stories ready. If you want to attend, call Nancy Johnson at 272-1202. The new president is Ron Cherry. I’ve also worked with Ron on a variety of things, and he’s delightful, as well. There are a lot of community groups here that benefit from the Roamin Angels generosity, so don’t ever think they’re “just a car club.”

Nevada County Reads!: There’s a meeting late today as a postmortem for the Nevada County Reads! program where we all read “Fahrenheit 451.” If you have any comments or suggestions, call or e-mail me so I can let your feelings be known at the meeting.


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