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Readers’ corner

Whoop! Well, if my e-mail and calls are any indication, I’m not the only person in Nevada County who has had whooping cough! And I heard a horror story or two from people who had the disease but were not diagnosed for weeks or months. So be careful out there – it looks like this horse-and-buggy-era disease is making a sneaky comeback. (Just my luck to be ahead of the curve on that one, huh?)

Dr. Gabler’s 80th birthday: Barbara Hagan called to tell me that Dr. Alfred Gabler, an eye doctor in Grass Valley, was feted last Saturday with a surprise birthday party attended by more than 100 friends and relatives. “I planned it for six months, and he was surprised,” Barbara said. Some of the guests came from the states of Washington, Missouri, Texas and Pennsylvania, as well as lots of Nevada Countians. Barbara and Alfred are going on a Caribbean cruise later to celebrate the big event, so he wasn’t suspecting a party. Barbara said he is “very civic minded” and when she rattled off the things he belongs to, I was convinced: Nevada City Elks, Lions Club, Masons, Grass Valley Mens’ Voice Choir and a barbershop quartet. And he’s still practicing! Barbara is 78 and he’s 80, and she says they’re having the time of their lives!

Church signs: A reader sent these in via e-mail.

• Try our Sundays. They’re better than Baskin Robbins.

• It is unlikely there will be a reduction in the wages of sin.

• Don’t wait for the hearse to take you to church.

Early Christmas displays: This one hit a nerve – my complaining about running into a huge Christmas display in September. Judy Jones of Rough and Ready suggested we show our displeasure by boycotting stores that follow this trend, something that columnist Dick Tracy said he is already doing.

Funny T-shirts: These were spotted on women at Ocean Beach, Maryland Beach:

• I childproofed my house, but they still get in

• In God we trust, all others we polygraph

Days of fall: Let’s be sure and appreciate these beautiful fall days while they are here. I love all the seasons and I think the past few days have been almost magical, with the not-too-warm days and the special fall light. Sit outside and take a mental snapshot to warm your heart when the snow comes.


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