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Readers’ corner

Harvest moon: It was Tuesday night, the first full moon of autumn, and it was awesome. Some neighbors invited us for a “Harvest Moon Potluck” to celebrate the occasion. We watched the huge yellow-tinged moon rise over the mountain, told various stories about the moon (no howling, though!), shared some delicious food and left with packages of Moon Pies. What a clever idea for a get-together!

Another Nevada County moment: Reader Cheryl Morris shared this moment, which happened Sunday night. “Night before last, while watching a gorgeous sunset, I heard the sound of a bagpipe. There at the far end of Morgan Ranch Drive was a lone piper, and he must have played for half an hour until the sun finally was down and the sky was dark. It was one of those bittersweet moments, with the beauty of the sunset and the sort of mournful sound of the bagpipe. I have no idea who he was or where he came from…”

Senior Fashion Police: More from “P,” who has a good sense of humor.

• Spiked hair and bald spots

• Ankle bracelets and corn pads

• Unbuttoned shirts and a heart monitor

More bumpersnickers from readers: “Lord help me be the man my dog thinks I am.” And, “Nietzsche is dead – God.” The same reader asks if it’s a coincidence that The Union runs weddings and obituaries on the same page? Hmmmm…

Nevada City totem pole: The owner of the house – and the totem pole in its front yard on the 400 block of South Pine Street – sent me an e-mail from New York. He said the totem was carved in the Pacific Northwest about 1960. Paul Cogley “inherited” the totem pole when he bought the house in 1980. Here’s what he had to say: “As the totem became increasingly worn, I’ve considered restoring it based on old photographs I have. However, I’m also concerned that the wrong type of restoration could diminish its integrity, so I’ve held back, telling myself that it’s in the nature of totems to show the weathered passage of time. However, I’d be interested to hear from any readers of The Union who have experience or thoughts about restoring totem poles. My e-mail address is” If you don’t have e-mail you can snail mail to me and I’ll forward it along to Paul.


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