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I can save you hundreds of dollars! Seriously, this is for real. Let my pain save you a bundle of money if you drive on Red Dog Road. On Monday night, as I’m driving home, I went 25 mph on Boulder Street, through the cemetery, where the sign then changes to 35. As I zipped up the hill, just after the Lower Cascade Canal, going about 39 mph, I see a CHP officer waving to me on the right side of the road. Unfortunately, he wasn’t just being a friendly guy, he was pulling me over – along with the guy in a truck in front of me. “I was only going four miles over the speed limit!” I protested. “No, you weren’t,” said CHP dude. “I was going 39,” I said. “You were going 40,” he argued, “and the speed limit here is 25.” When I said I didn’t see a sign that said the speed limit went down to 25 again past Lower Cascade Canal, he narrowed his eyes and gave me a frosty look. “Do you honestly think I would pull you over and not know the speed limit?” he said, sounding just a little annoyed. “But I drive this road every day and I didn’t know the speed limit went back down to 25,” I said, suddenly remembering my husband told me that a few days ago and I didn’t believe him. The CHP dude told me to get back into my car, hang a U, and drive down the street. “When you turn around you’ll see the sign on the right,” he said. So I did – and I did. He said he was there because residents in that area have complained of speeders. I got the impression he will be there for a while – it’s definitely like shooting fish in a barrel to get people going over 25 in that stretch. So, let me pay that hefty fine and let you learn something from my stupidity. (Can you imagine the conversation I will have with my husband after he gets back in town later today?)

Horton’s hike: Remember we wrote about Chuck Horton recently on the Outdoors Page? He’s the guy who hiked 168 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail to raise money for Sierra Adoption Services. Anyway, Chuck finished the hike (!) and raised $30,000 for the organization, which has an office in Nevada County. That sum will pay for the adoption of six children. Hats off to Chuck for a job well done!


Dixie Redfearn can be reached at 477-4238 or by e-mail at, or by fax at 477-4292.Dixie Redfearn can be reached at 477-4238 or by e-mail at, or by fax at 477-4292.

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