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Readers’ Corner

Fair time: It’s almost here – the Nevada County Fair. Five days of fun, eating, rides, games, eating, exhibits, animals, eating. Did I mention Treat Street? Last week on Friday the Fair folks invited all the media people out to the Fair to talk about what’s new and different. The Strum Bums played and Fair CEO Ed Scofield talked about this year’s Fair. It’s always fun to see people there – especially the radio people because we usually only get to hear them. From KNCO I saw Tom Fitzsimmons, George Rath, Bob Breck, Gary Jacobson and Michele Shockley. From KVMR I saw Richard Gorman and met Mike Thornton for the first time. There were lots of volunteers there as well, including a Fair cow wearing a red hat and purple feather boa. When you enjoy yourself at the Fair you probably don’t think about the tremendous amount of work that goes into something like that. We’re lucky to have such a beautiful Fairgrounds for this event. Don’t forget, The Union’s booth will be in the Main Building and I’ll let you know when editors and reporters will be on hand in case you have issues to discuss or just want to say hi. We’re always looking for story ideas and people to write about so don’t be shy.

Meteor shower: Alan Stahler gave me a heads-up about a meteor shower that will occur Wednesday night. (How does he know these things?) It’s called the Perseid meteor shower and Alan says it’s often the best shower of the year. He says the meteors are bright, some have neat colors and this year the moon will be a late-rising crescent that shouldn’t interfere much. Here’s his explanation: “Every year on this night, Earth crosses the orbit of comet Swift-Tuttle. As we do, we pull toward us rock dust shed by the comet as it rounded the sun. Hitting our atmosphere at over 100,000 miles an hour, these bits of debris bust up atoms of air. As the atoms repair themselves – as electrons recombine with the atoms from which they were knocked off – they give up the energy it took to break them apart. They give up that energy as light, and we see a meteor.” Alan says its best to look after midnight, and as far away from light, buildings and trees as you can be. Happy watching.


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