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Phone problems: Seems I touched a bit of a nerve asking for help on a reader’s phone problem (beeping on the line).

Camille Muir of Grass Valley had a similar problem, and she thinks it relates to being placed (by mistake) on a company’s automatic fax transmissions list. That’s what happened to Camille in 1999. She put up with that awful beeping sound for almost a year – and she would get the calls three to four times a day – sometimes in the middle of the night or very early morning. Camille tried going through the phone company, but that turned out to be a bureaucratic nightmare (nowadays calls can go through several phone companies before reaching their destinations), and finally the phone company suggested that Camille file a 653m case with the police.

She called the Grass Valley Police Department and compared the phone harassment to someone ringing your doorbell all day and night. Sgt. Dave Bishop took the case and after much tracking, he located the offending phone company – on the other side of the country. Finally, the phone company got the originator of the faxes to remove her phone number from the database.

Camille, who sounds like a lovely person, wrote a letter to Police Chief John Foster praising Sgt. Bishop for his willingness to solve the complex problem. From her letter: “We in Grass Valley are privileged to have officers like Sgt. Bishop on the force – officers who not only lay their lives on the line to ensure our safety, but who also care about smaller things which disturb and bother peaceful citizens. Thanks again, Sgt. Bishop. I’ll never forget you!”

Another reader suggested the cause may be a computer using the phone line of a neighbor and when that happens there is a clicking noise on the phone caused by the computer trying to connect.

You can tell my age because I actually remember when I could understand my phone bill and it was only two pages long. Nowadays it makes no sense whatsoever and is about seven pages long.


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