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Readers’ Corner

Travelin’ Tigger: When Donna Derrick and her family moved from the north gate of Lake Wildwood to the other side of the lake nearly two years ago, their beloved family cat made the move with them. For about a week. Then he vanished. Although the family was frantic to find their pet, he appeared to have disappeared into thin air. Donna’s daughter acquired the feline in 1988 from one of her teachers at Pleasant Valley School, and the ocelot-looking shorthair cat was right at home with the Derricks. A year and a half after Tigger disappeared, Donna got a strange telephone call from the people who bought her old house. A cat was hanging around and wouldn’t leave. Can you guess that it was Tigger? “He was healthy, but very thin,” Donna said of the reunion. Tigger was quickly made a temporary house cat to discourage wandering, but Donna said that’s not likely to happen again. “He seems to only want to eat and sleep at this time,” Donna said. At 16, he’s entitled to a life of luxury, don’t you think?

Speaking of cats: It took some considerable pleading, but my husband finally agreed we could get a rescue kitten to replace 16-year-old Leo, who went to Kitty Heaven in May. So, I made a beeline for Friends of Nevada County Animals and played with some of the darling kittens at their rescue shelter on Joerschke Drive in Grass Valley. You know when you kinda want a new car and go to a car dealer? How it’s almost impossible to leave the dealership without a car, even if you hadn’t planned on it? Well, try going to FONCA and leaving without a kitten. I dare you. Anyway, we adopted an adorable black-and-white 7-week-old kitten we named Kei-Kei, which is what one of the grandkids called Leo before she could pronounce “kitty.” They do a great job there at FONCA, by the way, and don’t put animals up for adoption until they have been spayed or neutered and have some of their shots. They sent me home with Kei-Kei in a cardboard container with lots of paperwork and a bag of the food she was used to eating. Of course she won our hearts immediately, possibly because she has a purr that sounds like a freight train and loves to snuggle with us. The house just didn’t feel right without a cat living in it – you animal people will understand that – and we’re enjoying the antics of a baby kitten.


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