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Readers’ Corner

Restaurant menus: While a few restaurants in Nevada County have jumped on the Meltdown bandwagon, some Meltdowners are frustrated trying to order low-calorie food. Diane Bishop of Alta Sierra called to tell me that two local restaurants served her sandwiches with mayonnaise after she asked that it be left off. “One place said they didn’t have a Meltdown menu because the Meltdown is almost over,” Diane said. She went on to say that most understand the Meltdown is a way of life, not a “diet,” so perhaps that restaurant owner needs to be a little more forward-thinking. We talked about Paulette’s low-calorie menu and agreed that it might be easier to patronize restaurants that are trying to offer healthy choices.

Fraud solution? Craig Steiger e-mailed an idea to try to cut down on credit card fraud. His thought is to require PIN numbers on all credit card transactions. He was recently at a local pizza parlor and suggested the idea to the young man behind the counter, who shot back without blinking, “probably because all the PIN numbers have been taken!” Back to the drawing board ….

TV trauma: Melanie Wellner was one of dozens of people who contacted the newspaper when we ran the same television listings for both Saturday and Sunday. It was an error in our pagination department – the people who combine all the computer files and send them to the plate room. Steps are being taken for a better process to double check those pages, so hopefully it won’t happen again. Sorry to all who were confused!

Do not call: I’ve received a couple of calls from people asking that I run the anti-telemarketer “Do Not Call” phone number. The toll-free number is 1-888-382-1222. One woman who called told me she was elderly and has a broken toe, and she almost tripped grabbing the phone, only to find it was a telemarketer. I think it takes about 30 days to be officially on the list after calling, so be patient.

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