Readers comment on local candidates, tax measure |

Readers comment on local candidates, tax measure

The proponents of Measure T would like you to think only of the minor annoyance a half-cent sales tax increase will cause. What they don’t want you to consider is how much you already pay in taxes: 7.48 percent current sales tax, 1 percent-plus property taxes, federal and state income taxes, excise taxes, gasoline taxes, DMV fees, and so on.

Grass Valley already collects more taxes per person than any city in the Sierras (according to The Union itself). As prices increase, so will the taxes the city collects from its current tax base. To ask us to approve a 20-year-long (yikes!) tax increase, when no other decreases in tax rates are offsetting it, is an example of how governments use taxpayers as their deep pockets instead of providing sound fiscal accountability and planning.

The proponents also state that you’ll get to vote on which projects are funded by the extra tax. Were you ever asked about which projects you’d like this measure to fund? All levels of government need to do a better job of appropriately spending what they currently extract from us before expecting another dime in taxes.

I urge you to vote no on ‘T.’

Larry Hoffman

Grass Valley


Two men are vying for the position of Superior Court judge. Both are as smart, dedicated, talented and experienced. One, Ray Shine, has a long and distinguished career as a self-employed, independent attorney. Mr. Shine is not susceptible to the influence of political alliances that develop inside the courthouse. He is allied only with the law and the Constitution.

None of us knows when we might find ourselves in court. Will you want your case heard by a popular judge or by a judge who is just, whose only influence will be respect for the law, for you, and for everyone who stands before that bench? Vote Ray Shine for judge.

Karen Culhane

Grass Valley


All of us who live in Nevada County know how lucky we are. It’s a beautiful place with wonderful people and a great quality of life.

There’s one man running for Superior Court judge dedicated to protecting all that: Tom Anderson.

With more than 20 years of courtroom experience, Tom has the professional skills a judgeship demands. Committed to reducing crime by stopping the revolving door of justice and holding people accountable for their actions, Tom also wants to help people make positive life-changes so they don’t keep going through that door.

Vote for justice and integrity. Vote for Tom Anderson.

Susan Snider

Nevada City

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