Reader surprised by Starr’s ignorance |

Reader surprised by Starr’s ignorance

I am surprised at Hank Starr’s ignorance as to why most of us in Nevada County oppose NH 2020, either that or his deliberate misrepresentation of the truth.

We who are opposed to NH 2020 are not trying to violate the existing General Plan or the county’s ordinances. We are not trying to buy agricultural land and change it to commercial land. We are trying to defend our right to buy land zoned by the county and use it according to the present zoning laws. If the land can be subdivided within the present rules then some people may elect to subdivide the land. This is not “crying foul,” this is working within the rules of the county.

The significant majority of these evil developers he and his pro-NH 2020 friends refer to are hard-working people like you and me. It seems to me that the large commercial developers he refers to who want to change the existing zoning laws are all part of the SBC, which for some reason is supporting the NH 2020 process. What hidden agenda can they be following? Could it be that there is more profit in developing the compact ergonomic communities NH 2020 will eventually force us into? Could it be that the lands purchased by the various Legacy groups at bargain-basement prices would be sold to these commercial developers for a goodly profit so the Legacy group could then use this money to buy more land? This has already been done in other parts of the country. Then the commercial developers (SBC again?) could develop their ergonomic communities at immense profits.

Hank Starr isn’t even right about the Property Owners Compensation Initiative. Neither Drew nor Robin are part of this initiative. Being a lawyer, I suspect Mr. Starr knows this, and he is just stating a mistruth, as most of the pro-NH 2020 people do.

I hope that NH 2020 can be stopped, that Drew Bedwell and Robin Sutherland are elected to the county Board of Supervisors, and we can return county government to the people of the county.

Earnest Bertram

Grass Valley

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