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Make war more exciting

“As war and government prove, insanity is the most contagious disease.” – Edward Abbey

Too bad the president listened to Colin Powell and went through the U.N. before attacking Iraq. I’m getting anxious to see those smart bombs going down chimneys, like in the Gulf War.

It’s more exciting when the enemy can’t fight back and we don’t see the damage less intelligent bombs do to civilians. War’s more intriguing when our only description of collateral damage comes from the Secretary of Offense.

A few suggestions of other ways to make it more exciting for the American public: Have our top leaders wear military uniforms, like Castro, Saddam Hussein, and other Third World leaders. Our Commander-in-Chief could wear a military uniform with all his medals from the Vietnam war and Cheney could do the same.

To further patriotic spirit, TV could run clips of Bush on the White House steps pointing a rifle in the air, with Charlton Heston at his side. A few clips of him with a big saber would add to the fervor.

Columnist Wendy Kamier wrote: “War never loses its romantic appeal to people who don’t have to fight in it.” I don’t have to fight, so “bombs away!”

Don Cooks

Nevada City

Vandalism to gate for boat ramp troubling

I have in my hand the NID memo, dated Nov. 25, to close the Cascade Shore boat ramp gate. In October the gate was locked because the ramp was out of the water. This was done for safety to keep cars with boat trailers from using the ramp. The gate was locked and chained. The walk-through gate was and is open for swimmers and fisherman.

On Sept. 21 the lock and chain was cut and the gate opened. On Oct. 3 the direction was made to weld the gate closed. On Oct. 19 a vehicle ran into the gate and broke down the fence connected to the gate.

Tell me. . .what drives people to this kind of disrespect for property and each other? Alcohol can contribute to this emotion, but where is our culture taking us to cause this disrespect, impatience and anger? We are becoming less and less community. Many are out for themselves and care less about what gets in their way.

Chuck Carlson

Cedar Ridge

Some enjoy revelry with Mardi Gras fest

To the recent letter writer who stated, “Inviting Mardi Gras into our midst stands squarely against our broad desire for higher things,” why not use the word “my” instead of “our?” You do not speak for me, sir, nor the many, many others who enjoy a bit of innocent revelry in our little gold rush town.

Terry Pittsford

Nevada City

Act now to ensure well-planned growth

Nevada County residents who missed the Sacramento Bee’s series about developers’ campaign contributions in Placer County, which ran Dec. 8-10, would do well to find copies of the Bee for those days, or read the articles at The series details the connections between huge contributions by developers, the election of pro-growth local officials, and the rampant growth of Placer County.

The same process has already begun here in Nevada County. Supervisors-elect Bedwell and Sutherland bought votes with developer dollars, and now they are poised to give developers and large landowners the go-ahead to exercise their “right” to make millions by opening the floodgates of growth.

Our communities are destined to become like Roseville unless we advocate for slow, controlled, well-planned growth, and put the good of the community ahead of developer profits.

Eric Engles

Grass Valley

Good Samaritan shows

value of our community

Oh, what a wonderful community we are fortunate enough to live in. Last evening in my haste to get home after shopping at a supermarket in the Glenbrook Basin, I left my wallet in the shopping cart. When I arrived home without my wallet, I was certain that by the time I returned to the supermarket my wallet would be gone.

Sure enough, it was. I inquired in the store and was asked to describe my wallet, and did so. How relieved to hear their response, “We have it. Someone found it in the parking lot and brought it in.”

Of course, I was not expecting to find the contents intact. However, much to my surprise the entire contents (including a large sum of cash) was as I had absent mindedly left it.

May I say to the person who so honestly and kindly returned my wallet to the store for me: you are what we all need to strive to be, honest and respectful.

William “Sandy” Richter

Cedar Ridge

Let’s ban gun shows

Last week I read in the San Francisco Chronicle that the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors banned gun shows in their county.

I call upon the new Nevada County Board of Supervisors adopt an identical resolution for Nevada County.

Yes, I am aware of the tired cliche that guns don’t kill people, people do. I also know that the shortest distance between an emotional meltdown and irreversible tragedy is a loaded gun.

Dale Smith

Nevada City

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