Re: ‘Racism is not dead’ |

Re: ‘Racism is not dead’

June 11, 2005, Ron Lowe called Condoleeza Rice a liar, thus showing that he is both a racist and a sexist. He furthers his anti-woman agenda in Oct. 11, 2008, saying that Sarah Palin makes no sense, citing her position on several issues that he disdains.

His sexism and racism is lurking around every letter he writes … “I sense it.”

As I read the rest of his letters, I see some reasons why he believed they were wrong and I am willing to admit that my assertions above were for effect — I don’t know him well enough to accuse him of such.

However, it is absolutely bankrupt and offensive for him or anyone to accuse those who disagree with our president over policy issues of being racist. Talk about resurrecting racism — or the race card when unable to be substantive.

Just for the record, HR 3200 does not provide funding for abortion, but the Capps amendment which became part of HR 3200 on July 30, 2009, does required public funding of abortion. Go back and search YouTube for the president’s speech — he did not speak the truth.

Also, the administration is backpeddling furiously on whether illegal immigrants would be covered. He wasn’t being truthful in the speech then either. This observation is objective, not racist.

I hope the day is far off when opposition of policy is silenced with such bogus accusation.

Kevin Maxwell

Grass Valley

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