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Racism is everyone’s concern

From reading grand jury reports and news items, it is a shame that Bruce Conklin and Izzy Martin let the mental health department of Nevada County deteriorate on their watch. Conklin?s attendance record for the mental health committee meetings from Feb. 1 to Jan. 2 is abysmal. His own political attack dog, Marty Pezzaglia, could use those services, not just to address the delusional ranting that we saw in his Aug. 17 The Union op-ed piece, but also to help with Marty?s unhealthy obsession for people involved in politics. Sending hundreds of e-mails, making irrational demands, by all reports Pezzaglia has long since crossed the line of harassment into stalking.

Usually liberals like Pezzaglia oppose racism. Marty?s obsession has him defending Rene Antonson?s demagogic use of race because he thinks it will help Izzy Martin. There is no advantage for a gaming tribe to have a member on the Board of Supervisors. Gaming tribes share resources with their members. No member of the BOS can vote on any issue that has the potential of benefiting them or their family by $250. Therefore, a member of a gaming tribe on the BOS could not vote on their projects.

Then why are Antonson and Pezzaglia trying to make Indian gaming an issue?

People are afraid of Indian gaming. Never mind that the person they attack could not vote. The race connection is enough for these would-be night riders. The original night riders in the Deep South also made objections to people concerned about racism and not living in their county, commenting on how they treated blacks. It is the right, no, the duty of everyone who believes in a color-blind society to not let racism go unopposed, regardless of where they live.

Incidentally, any historian could point out that the Nazis invaded France on May 12, 1940. According to voter records Rene Antonson was born in France June 1, 1941. However tragic the rest of his story may be, Rene was not yet born when the Nazis invaded France. So, Rene?s July 26th statement ?I [Antonson] lived in France when the Nazis invaded? is factually suspect.

John Gillander


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