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QUIET HEROES: Lee Blakemore, 68, Lake Wildwood

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The group I volunteer for: I?ve been on the board of the Volunteer Action Center for the last eight years.

What I do for the group: Recruit volunteers and place them with nonprofit agencies, schools and government.

How I got involved: I tend to be high energy and wanted to find an outlet for that.

Why I think this group?s work is important: It?s twofold: service to the community and the kids? self-worth is enhanced, and they take great pride in doing it.

The best thing that ever happened to me on this volunteer job was when:

The most satisfying thing is working with adolescents who are on the edge and seeing them take responsibility for improving the communities.

The rewards I get from this volunteer job are: I enjoy working with teenagers and seeing them take responsibility for improving where they live.

Other volunteer jobs I?ve done: I?m also part of a group called YOUth CAN DO, where we encourage youth to do community service projects. I find projects that fit youth?s needs, such as working with the Boy Scouts and other school groups. We?ve painted park benches and made crafts for retirement homes. I am also involved with Club Live at Ready Springs School, which is a group of kids that is committed to a lifestyle that doesn?t include smoking, drugs or alcohol. I?ve also been on the juvenile hall advisory committee and have volunteered at the 3R School.

I?ve lived in Nevada County since: 1993.

I like living here because: It?s a lovely area. It has the good climate, and I love the topography and the natural resources.

The most important job that faces us as a community is: It?s critically important to embrace the youth of the community. They need us, and too often they don?t have us. We need more one-on-one contact with them ? all kids, even troubled kids, because they are our future, our legacy and our society in the future long after I?m gone.

I think volunteerism is important because: It?s important to give back and make a contribution. Everyone should make a contribution to society in accordance with their abilities and interests.

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