Public outcry? |

Public outcry?

Where’s the public outcry over the “Social Security reform” idea being floated by the Administration? That corporate beneficiaries strongly support it is understandable. However, why isn’t the average person screaming bloody murder?

For 70 years in the best American tradition, “we the people” have pulled together to guarantee all Americans lifetime insurance against the three big threats to all of us:

• Becoming disabled and unable to provide care for ourselves and our dependents.

• Dying and leaving our dependents destitute.

• Becoming aged but without the wherewithal to retire.

It’s a program that has remained solvent for 70 years! With no changes, bi-partisan studies project it to be solvent through at least 2042 and perhaps into the 2070s. Small adjustments now could continue solvency indefinitely.

The “reform” being urged would shift billions of dollars needed to assure continuation of our guaranteed insurance program over to a private “you’re on your own” stock market gamble.

I’m not against gambling in the market. My various market losses and my wife’s stagnant 401k prove that. An old saying goes, “It’s OK to gamble, but don’t gamble with the rent money.”

Having to face disability or retirement dependent on stock “investments” would be terrifying.

Dick Denman

Rough and Ready

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