Problem lies with government control |

Problem lies with government control

We are elated when our income increases, unhappy when product prices rise. Wage increases bring price increases, bring wage increases, bring price increases. It’s called inflation. To counter inflation, interest rates go up, which slows business and brings recession. Unemployment goes up. To counter recession, interest rates are lowered, business improves and workers are hired.

Between 1940 and today, wages have risen 32 times. On average, prices have gone up 13 times. The cost of one telephone is up three times. Telephone taxes are up 81 times. Before deregulation, electricity rose six times. With government mandated deregulation, electricity is up 12 times. This with the state paying part of your electric bill. Also, there is now a government tax on your bill.

With wages up 32 times and prices up 13 times, workers should be getting rich. Sounds like a utopia. Unfortunately other costs have rocketed up. Government up 300 times, education up 150 times, environment up 420 times. Massive immigration costs up 190 times, labor union costs up 46 times, Medicare up 42 times, medical insurance up 48 times, jury awards up 96 times, political costs up 54 times and Social Security is up 48 times. We, the taxpayers and consumers, pay for the above items.

There are many complaints over recent gas price increases, but if the price had increased as wages have, you would be paying $12.80 a gallon. Gas has increased five times. If you subtract the taxes, then gas has gone up four times. The liberal presidential candidate has voted seven times to increase the gas tax and advocates adding another 50 cents to the tax.

We pay a hidden tax on most things we purchase. This consists of the many taxes paid by each company in the production and distribution of their products. It includes taxes paid by the employees of these companies. On average this equates to 15 percent of the product price. The total real and hidden tax on gasoline comes to 80 cents per gallon.

We are at the beginning of the end of cheap oil. U.S. production has declined sharply since 1970. U.S. oil consumption is expected to grow 50 percent in the next 20 years. One third of consumed oil is used to manufacture many products. Ten years ago, China was a nation of bicycles. Today, China is the second largest consumer of oil.

Our standard of living is the envy of the world. Our capitalistic economy is the main provider of these benefits. It is the goose that has laid many golden eggs. Yet many are trying to destroy our way of life. Listed below are some who want to change:

Federal and state governments; their liberal legislatures; agencies; bureaus and commissions; the education establishment which is controlled by liberals; labor unions; communists; socialists; liberal news media and liberal voters.

All are working for complete government control of our lives. Some wish us to be entirely subservient to the United Nations.


Thomas Crosswhite is a resident of Grass Valley

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