Predetermine all funeral costs |

Predetermine all funeral costs

Most people should have a will made up before they say goodbye and provide for the loved once they leave behind including animals, unless you love for government is so great that you die intestate. You should also provide and make provisions in your will about probate, unless you want to make judges and attorneys rich.

Besides these, you should prepare instructions how and were you would be disposed of, unless you want to leave them with the mess. When that moment comes, the persons you leave behind are in no mood or mental state to think clearly; this is the moment when the hyenas and vultures swoop in.There are several funeral businesses within a 100-mile radius, and prices varies.

They all offer full services … Do they carry half bodies also? What you really want is: “Locked-In Prices,” “Guaranteed Contract Prices,” so the loved ones you leave behind are not hit with a astronomical bill at the time of your passing.

Let them write down exactly what you want done within the guaranteed prices and let them sign it. Make positively sure that they have checked/marked and initial the box that says: “Guaranteed Contract Prices.”

Make also sure that they sign the contract that says they will pick you up within a certain mile radius without extra charge. Also let them sign that they will provide the services of death certificates at prevailing prices at the time of your demise.

Read the contract carefully before signing – let them sign first then demand a copy. There are other cost also beyond their control, the Sheriff Coroners office. Check with your sheriff’s department.

Anthony Cleison

Grass Valley

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