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PP’s purpose?

It appears we now have a Planned Parenthood office open in our community. What is their purpose and motivation in opening this office?

Was it just coincidental that the reporter followed Ms. Knapp’s statement – “We just felt that resident’s options are limited” – with information on abortion services not being available to our residents?

I’ve read previously that their justification for entering a community is “to provide services to under-served women.” All services they plan to provide are presently available in our community except for:

1. A counseling philosophy advocating any “feel good” sex;

2. A feeder line to PP abortion clinics in Sacramento

My greatest concern is their perspective that the largest component of under-served women is our young daughters! If you have a child you’re trying to properly raise, be aware that under their advocacy of “feel good sex,” they will counsel your child on “safe sex” (see Teenwire, the Planned Parenthood web site). They can legally counsel your children using their morals and sexual attitudes and supply them with birth control products or, when necessary, a trip to an abortion clinic without your knowledge or consent.

Make no mistake thinking that since no clinic is being opened to provide abortions that abortions will not be promoted. If this area ever reached a sufficient cost effective level of abortions a clinic would be opened here. Until that time, clients here would be fed to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic. Should we really care where our daughters are taken for abortions?

Remember Christ’s admonition when we are “like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Understanding Planned Parenthood’s motivation clearly shows this office’s opening as their initial foot in the door. Perhaps now is a good time to talk to your children.

Ken Simon

Grass Valley

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