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Politics – past, present, future

Condolences to new

county supervisors

Rather than congratulations, I offer condolences to the two new members of our Board of Supervisors – they will not only need all the help they can get, but also lots of luck to achieve anywhere near the beneficial results for Nevada County that the previous board has managed through their knowledge, dedication, and hard work.

There is no doubt that support from the nefarious and now conveniently terminated “Nevada County Citizens for Responsible Growth, Inc,” who gave the $28,258 to “Nevada County Citizens for Responsible Government,” was a big factor in getting Drew Bedwell elected by his slim 19-point margin. The obscene, slanted and degrading mailings sent the few days before the election no doubt swayed some uninformed voters. The super-intelligent Mr. Ingram of NCCRGovernment has refused my challenge to reveal the principals of their KKK-type group. Political action committees are evidently bulletproof.

Yes, I am a poor loser, and we poor losers are the only ones that can keep this county from being ruined by the hidden agenda from some gutless people who think that they can achieve their goals that they won’t even disclose to the rest of us.

Don Jones

Penn Valley

Conservatives err in extremist vote

Since 60 percent of the voters in Nevada County are conservatives; in District 4, they did not vote with logic and common sense, they voted for the party in order to have an excellent puppet as a supervisor who will obey the party directive to the letter.

In District 3; with a 50-50 election result, it appears that 10 percent of the conservatives voted with logic and common sense, rejected a bellicose, aggressive arrogant extremist and also rejected the ridiculous Proposition D, “the property rights Initiative.”

Unfortunately, not enough conservatives voted with logic and common sense. A high percentage of intelligent, well-educated people do not have the time to inform themselves correctly, and let themselves be brainwashed by radio talk hosts and big-mouth politicians.

For the next four years, we the people will have to pay dearly for the conservative extremists’ misdeeds, as is happening now at the national level.

Jean Jacques Legras

Cedar Ridge

So that’s meaning

of ‘compassionate’

The term “compassionate conservative” has always puzzled me. The letter entitled “Democrats’ message rejected by voters” on Dec. 23 has provided a wonderful example and definition. Thanks.

Karen Lilly

Nevada City

Election Office’s work is praised

After a long delay and much controversy, the results are in for the District 3 supervisorial race. There are surely those who do not agree with the results and would like to have seen a different outcome. However, I don’t think anyone could criticize the professional way in which the Elections Department handled this difficult matter. Lorraine Jewett-Burdick and her staff deserve our plaudits. Thank you, Lorraine.

Joe Thompson

Grass Valley

Has White House made case on Iraq?

Hey, turn down the TV a little bit, I want to talk to you. It’s about our “Lone Star” Texan wanting to start a war in the “cradle of civilization” (Iraq/Mesopotamia). Please ask yourself this: has the President and his Republican “guard” (George, not Saddam) really made a convincing case to you that we should risk nuclear conflagration?

It’s not going to be like rubber-necking a car accident as you are driving to work, you know. This one will probably come home to all of us – much more dangerous than the Cuban missile crisis.

Think about it.

1. There is no honorable reason to attack Iraq. Sure, Saddam is not a nice guy (though he was once an ally), but he has little or nothing to do with 9/11 or al-Qaida.

2. Our allies had to be flogged into barely lukewarm support and, of course, the largely peaceful Muslims really don’t get it at all.

3. This will get us a police state or exploding shopping malls.

Rumsfeld, Cheney and Ashcroft dishonor the office of the presidency and should be removed from office before they kill us all. And put some clothes on the emperor, for all our sakes.

Terry Lamphier

Grass Valleyw

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